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How To Update Your SPS Commerce Shipping Label Service

As of September 1st 2020, SPS Commerce's SOAP-Based Shipping Label and Packing Slip API service will be deactivated.

Starting with SalesPad Desktop version 5.0.2, we have switched over from SPS Commerce's old SOAP-Based API to their new REST-Based API

In order to continue using SPS Commerce Shipping Label, you will need to make sure that you are running SalesPad 5.0.2, then you will need to switch your service over to the REST-Based API

Note: If you are are not currently running SalesPad 5.0.2 (or above) click here and fill out our Upgrade Request Form

1. Contact SPS Commerce to verify that your account is set up for the new shipping label service.

2. In SalesPad Desktop, use the new settings: SPS Dev Center Credentials and SPS Dev Center Test Credentials to log in to SPS Commerce and give SalesPad access to retrieve shipping labels for your account.

Note: Clicking on the ellipsis button will bring up a web page where you will login and confirm that you want to grant access to SalesPad to retrieve labels

3. Update any Label UID's in the EDI Data Cross Reference screen with the new ones you get from SPS.

4. Create 000 Business Object Mapping.

Note: You no longer need a 001 Business Object Mapping, as the new API will handle mixed-item packages automatically. Also, any existing 000 and 001 mappings will no longer work

To retrieve labels using the test account, check the "Test Mode" box in your server connection.

To retrieve labels using the production account, uncheck the "Test Mode" box in your server connection.

You are now set up to retrieve labels from the new API! The process will be the same as before, simply click the "Get Labels" button in the shipment screen, and everything should function as normal.

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