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Binary Collation Database Support


As of version 5.4.10, SalesPad supports SQL databases that use binary collation.  


Binary collation databases are case-sensitive, so there are particular data elements which must be configured with specific casing to ensure that they will work properly with SalesPad and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Payment terms and units of measure that are configured within Dynamics GP must be all uppercase.  If these values are not fully capitalized, then they will need to be adjusted prior to using SalesPad, or errors may be encountered.  In the following examples, if any values in Dynamics GP look like the examples on the left, then they should be updated to look like the examples on the right.  Numeric digits and punctuation can remain as is.

Payment Terms: 

  • Net 30 → NET 30

  • C.o.D. → C.O.D.

  • 2% EoM/Net 30 → 2% EOM/NET 30


  • Each → EACH

  • Half-Day → HALF-DAY

  • 1/2 Ton → 1/2 TON

Cavallo recommends coordinating with your GP partner to make any necessary changes to existing Dynamics GP data, as these changes may require direct SQL manipulation.  

Add-on modules for SalesPad should be tested in a test environment before implementing them in a production environment to determine whether any additional configuration changes are required.

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