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DataWedge Configuration

DataCollection on Android now supports DataWedge scanning!

To configure DataWedge scanning, follow the steps listed below:

1. Open DataWedge

2. Create a new profile (or edit an existing one) intended for DC use

3. Make sure Barcode Input is 'Enabled' and Intent Output is 'Enabled' (no other output should be enabled

4. Add DataCollection as an associated app

  • Under Applications, click Associated Apps
  • Open the menu located in the top-right of the screen
  • Select New App/Activity
  • Add "net.salespad.datacollection" from the list
  • Select *

5. Scroll to Keystroke Output and disable

6. Scroll to Intent Output and enable

7. Set the Intent Action to "net.salespad.datacollection.scan"

8. Change the Intent Delivery to "Broadcast Intent"

9. Open DataCollection Android and login

10. Open the Accessory Settings screen

11. Click the checkbox to disable the Zebra scanner

Note: Disabling the Zebra scanner allows DataWedge to remain connected when DataCollection opens. If it is not disabled, DataCollection will take control of the scanner and the profile options from DataWedge will not work

After you've gone through all of the steps above, go ahead and restart DataCollection (be sure to fully close the application by removing it from the recent apps list). 

Once DataCollection has been restarted, you're ready to start utilizing DataWedge scanning with DataCollection!

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