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Package Setup


The Package Setup module allows users to create various Package Types. Package Types can have different attributes, such as description, weight, height, width, length, and shipping cost. Package Types are assigned to packages created using the Package Editor on the handheld and the console.

Add Package Type

To add a Package Type, click the New button on the toolbar. The New Package Type window will appear. Enter different attributes associated with the Package Type.

Once the desired attributes have been entered, click OK and the Package Type will be saved.

Delete Package Type

To delete an existing Package Type, simply select it on the grid and click Delete. A confirmation prompt will be displayed. Click Yes to confirm deletion of the selected Package Type.

Edit Package Type

To edit an existing Package Type, click the desired cell on the grid and enter a new value. Tab off and the new value will instantly be saved.

Copy Package Type

To copy an existing Package Type, click the Copy button.  The New Package Type window will appear, populated with values from the selected Package Type. Modify the desired attributes and click OK to save the new Package Type.


Package Setup - Grants Access to the Package Setup module.

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