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Price Maintenance


The Price Maintenance module can be used to update prices and costs of items. Items can be updated individually, or all items can be updated at one time.

Updating List Price

Search for the item you wish to update. The new price can either be updated from the List Multiplier column, or a new price value can be entered in the New List Price column.

To update list prices for multiple (or even all) items, add a value to the Update List Price Multiplier field and click Go.

To save any changes made to prices, click on the Save New List Prices button.

Updating Costs

After searching for an item, the new cost can be calculated using a multiplier value. Updating the Standard Cost of multiple items can be done using the Update New Multipliers to: field. After entering a value in this field, click the Go button to update the items.


Price Maintenance - Grants users access to the Price Maintenance Module.

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