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How Releases are Distributed


Clients and users that are upgrading get the latest release version of SalesPad GP. While the Release version has gone through extensive testing and proven to be a solid build, there may be issues. We always recommend verifying mission critical functions in a test environment before deploying a new build to the production environment.

Every other week, Cavallo produces a version that typically contains 20-50 changes. For the "current build" a.b.c, a is the primary release, b is the minor release, and c is the HotFix number. Users will only receive the latest version if they have an issue that is fixed from the build. This helps to prevent constantly upgrading to the latest version when it is released.

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  1. Elsa Williams

    Is there a list for supported SalesPad versions vs. GP Builds?  Thank you!  Elsa.