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Vendor Special Costing


Note: This feature is new for Sales Pad version 4 .0.

The Special Costing tab on the Vendor Card displays existing special costing and, with proper security, allows users to add new special costing and change cost levels.

If a customer wants to purchase a product and Vendor Special Costing has been defined for that product and customer, the feature will prioritize the cost to pull from that instance. It will also generate the Purchase Order with that vendor and cost.

Note: Vendor Item Special Costing does not use Vendor Item Costing in GP; it only pulls from the SalesPad Vendor Item Special Costing module. Last Vendor Invoice Cost is the option for PO Cost Selection that will pull from GP's Vendor Item Costing.


To enable the Special Costing tab on the Vendor Card, Vendor Special Costing must be enabled in the Security Editor. Set the security sub-settings as needed (refer to the Sales Pad Security Settings guide for details). To allow addition of new special costing, New Vendor Special Costing must be enabled.


Under Settings, search for use vendor to find the setting Use Vendor Costing for Vendor Selection.

When set to True and if vendor special costing has been defined for an item and a customer, it will default the vendor for the purchase plan when generating a Purchase Order.


Open a vendor from Vendor Search, and view the Special Costing tab. Existing special costing for the current vendor will display in this tab. You can edit the Begin Date, End Date, Start and End Quantity, and Discount Percent from here. You can also delete any existing special costing.

To add new special costing for the current vendor, click New. The following screen appears:

Enter the item number to add the special costing to (or click the ellipsis (...) to search for the item number). The item and vendor item information should fill automatically.

Enter or adjust the unit of measure, cost, begin and end dates, and start and end quantities, and then click OK.

The new special costing wiII be added to the Special Costing tab, and wiII be effective for future Purchase Orders to the current vendor.

You can also use the Customer Number column to set the customer num field when creating new entries.

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