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Cavallo Profit Analytics Release Notes

July 9th, 2024

A new version of Cavallo Profit Analytics is now available.

This version of Profit Analytics includes a number of updates around the application, including the following:

  • The Days Since Last Invoice widget has been renamed to Customers by Recent Sale. In addition to the rename, the chart labeling has been improved to include the day range of the customers that fall into that status:
  • The grids in Margin Drivers have been improved to give more space to the Segments and Reason columns. Less data will be truncated, especially for users with long item names and descriptions.

June 26th, 2024

A new version of Cavallo Profit Analytics is now available.

This version of Profit Analytics includes a number of fixes and updates around the application, including the following:

  • The city notation has been improved when segmenting sales or Margins by shipping city or billing city. The text displayed now includes the state information as well. This helps users more specifically identify which city is being referenced. This improvement was also made on the clickthrough details screen.

  • The Item and Customer Top Gainers/Decliners widgets have been updated with horizontal layouts. The previous version heavily truncated the x-axis labels, which reduced the effectiveness of the data being shown. By flipping the axis, more of the customer and item information can be displayed at once.
  • The Reason links in Margin Drivers now include an icon indicating that they will take the user to an external page when clicked.
  • Fixed a sorting issue in Margin Drivers. Previously, results with no value for financial impact columns would be sorted to the top of the list if the user chose that column to sort the grid. Now, those values are treated as $0 and are sorted accordingly.

  • Several widgets no longer re-initialize unnecessarily when filter options are changed.

June 14th, 2024

A new version of Cavallo Profit Analytics is now available.

Exporter 2.1

This version includes a new major release of the Exporter application. The new version will be installed automatically for those with auto-update enabled in their current Exporter. Those with auto-update disabled will be sent a new build of the Exporter so it may be manually installed.

The new version will facilitate the support for exciting new fields, segments, and reports in Profit Analytics. Coming major features like User Defined Field support will also rely on this new functionality, leading to more insights into profitability. 

Profit Analytics Web App

This version of Profit Analytics includes a number of fixes and updates around the application, including the following:

  • The 'Items Top Gainers/Decliners' and 'Customers Top Gainers/Decliners' widgets now support all Time Period, Reference Date, and Comparison Period screen filters on both the Home screen and their respective detail screens.

  • Added dynamic columns to Margin Drivers, consolidating and simplifying the data displayed, improving readability to clarity. Key columns are hidden/revealed with respect to the specific Impact Type and Driver Type quickfilters selected, ensuring meaningful data related to the user's selections are the focus of the grid.

  • Updated Days Since Last Invoice to no longer reload when a bar selection is made.

  • Fixed an issue where filters involving Document Type were not being applied correctly, resulting in only a partial result set being returned.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in some clicks not navigating the user to the underlying data in the 'Top Customers Gainers/Decliners' and' Top Items Gainers/Decliners' widgets.

  • Updated Margin Drivers to display 0's instead of '--'. This makes the data easier to read, and also improves the sorting process, as 0's will be sorted to the middle of the results.

  • Updated Margin Driver calculations to improve 'weighted' value accuracy. 

Please Note: If you do not see the updates detailed above, press CTRL+Reload Button (Windows) or SHIFT+Reload Button (Mac) to hard reload the website. 

May 28th, 2024

A new version of Cavallo Profit Analytics is now available.

This version of Profit Analytics includes a number of fixes and updates around the application, including the following:

  • Added new auto-sorting features to the grid in Margin Drivers. When the data is segmented, clicking one of the Driver Type quickfilters will auto-sort the grid by the corresponding column, either descending or ascending based on which Impact quickfilter is active. This allows for quicker analysis, especially when walking through the Driver Types.

  • Improved ease of use by alphabetizing and removing redundant language from the Sales/Margin by Segment widget dropdown selectors.

  • Improved ease of use by removing the Filter Indicator bars from widgets supporting all screen-level filters. Now, users can easily identify which widgets do not support all of the filters in some capacity.

  • Fixed the formatting of numbers in several grid columns in the application. The numbers in these columns were not properly formatted with commas where appropriate.

  • Added new AVA recommendation tooltips to Margin Drivers, related to the Price Driver Type.

  • Fixed an issue causing Notifications to fail to load.

May 15, 2024

A new version of Cavallo Profit Analytics is now available.

This version of Profit Analytics includes a number of fixes and updates around the application, including the following:

  • Added hyperlink support to Item and Document columns (Document Id and Item Number) throughout the application, allowing the user to click through and view the associated item or document in Business Central [BC ONLY]
  • Added new columns to Margin Drivers to expose the underlying Gains and Declines components of Impact for a given reason.
  • Improved application performance by restructuring underlying queries.
  • Improved application performance by removing redundant queries. 
  • Fixed an issue in Margin Drivers where special characters appearing in underlying data would cause an error state to be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where null values would cause misaligned labels and coloration in the Margin Drivers widget on the Home screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a selected bar in the Customers: Days Since Last Invoice chart from appearing highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the "(BLANK)" filter option in a dropdown would cause the query to return no results.
  • Updated Sales Rep name formatting to be consistent.
  • Updated number formatting to be more consistent across the application.
  • The following new features require a new version of the Exporter. The new version of the Exporter is expected to be available in the coming weeks. [GP/SalesPad ONLY]
    • Added new shipping and billing-related columns to document and customer grids.
    • Added new shipping and billing-related segmentation options to the Sales/Margin by <segment> widgets. This will allow the user to view their sales and margin figures by billing or shipping City, State, or Zip Code.

May 2, 2024

A new version of Profit Analytics is now live and available to users.

Business Central Customer Linking

In the latest release, we're excited to announce customer linking functionality for Business Central companies using Profit Analytics. Customer columns in grids across the application are now hyperlinked, allowing the user to clickthrough and land on the Customer Card for that customer in Business Central. This functionality will be extended to support other clickthrough opportunities in upcoming releases.

This feature allows the user to more easily investigate and take action. 

If you have a customer marked At Risk in the Days Since Last Invoice widget, for example, you could now click on the customer to view them in your Business Central to further investigate or take action.

New Columns Available [GP/SalesPad]

To enhance the application's functionality and provide users with more detailed insights, we are expanding the ERP fields supported by the application. This expansion will allow users to access additional data points directly within the application's various grids.

All of the new customer columns will be added to the Column Chooser.

  • New Item Column: Item Type

    • Grids Supporting the new columns:

      • Margin by Item widget on the Margin screen

      • Sales by Item widget on the Sales screen

      • Grid on the Sales by Item detail screen

      • Grid on the Margin by Item detail screen 

      • Grid on the Items: Top Gainers/Decliners detail screen

      • Grid on the Unique Items Sold Over Timedetail screen

    • Column Added
      • Item Type
  • New Customer-related Columns

    IMPORTANT NOTE: These new fields require an updated Exporter application to be installed. The new Exporter version will be available soon and will be rolled out to customers. These fields will NOT be accessible until you have this new Exporter version.

    • Grids supporting the new columns:
      • Sales/Margin by Customer detail screen grids

      • Active Customers detail screen grid

      • Customers: Top Gainers/Decliners detail screen grid

    • Columns Added
      • First Posted Invoice

        • Last Posted Invoice

          • Billing City

          • Billing State

          • Billing Zip

          • Billing Email

          • Billing Phone

          • Lifetime Return #

          • Lifetime Posted Invoice #

          • Cust. Sales Rep

          • Cust. Sales Rep Code

          • Cust. Sales Person

          • Cust. Sales Person Code

          • Shipping City

          • Shipping State

          • Shipping Zip

          • Shipping Email

          • Shipping Phone

New Segmentation Options Support

See your data in a new light through newly supported segmentation options!


Item Type is now available as a segment in both the Margin Module and Sales Module, allowing you to easily investigate financial figures per defined item type.

BC Only

Item Category Code is now available as a segment for Business Central companies. 

General Fixes and Updates

This version of Profit Analytics also includes a number of fixes and updates around the application, including the following:

  • We added an explicit quickfilter option to Margin Drivers called "All." Previously, this effect was achieved by having no quickfilter selected.
  • Added a loading indicator to the Notifications Pane.
  • Removed unneeded whitespace, allowing meaningful content to fill more of the available space in the application. 
  • Improved performance by reducing the amount of data refreshed when a customer class filter selection is changed on the Home screen.
  • Improved the Margin Driver Reason clickthrough experience by directing the user to land on a screen with only data related to what was clicked.

April 15, 2024

Home Screen Refresh

The Home screen has received a number of visual enhancements:

  • Consolidated widget layout
  • Widgets were given more height, enhancing the visualizations and y-axis granularity
  • Customer Class filter support was added to the Customers: Days Since Last Invoice and Active Customers widgets, allowing for filtering directly on the Home screen.
  • Color improvements related to accessibility

Major Margin Drivers improvements

The Margin Drivers feature has received significant improvements in this release. 

  • Redesigned Home Screen Widget
    • Includes additional information regarding underlying gains/declines
    • Information is now presented in a consolidated view, no longer requiring the user to switch between tabs
    • Cells are clickable, allowing the user to quickly drill into and evaluate the data behind the numbers they see on the widget. Clicking a cell will take the user to a new landing page with the filters appropriately selected to filter the data based on the context of the cell clicked (e.g. clicking the 'Declines' cell of the 'Quanity' row will result in the user seeing the details screen with the Quanity and Declines quickfilters already selected).

  • Enhanced Margin Driver Screen

  • More intuitive Quickfilters with easy-to-read summary values
  • Reasons in the grid now support clicking through to investigate the underlying data.
  • More columns and data are available, like previous vs current period comparisons, and the count of lines and documents related to a given reason in the grid.
  • Segmenting now groups the Reasons in the grid, allowing the user to see summaries per segment as well as additional data export options.
  • The user can now search the Reasons and segment grids independently.
  • Reasons now have an icon to the right where AVA Recommendations are made on how a user may want to respond to a reason.

New Major Feature - Customers: Days Since Last Invoice

The Customers: Days Since Last Order functionality assigns a status to each customer based on the time since their last invoice. The status assigned (Recent, Stale, At Risk, or Churned) can be based on customer-definable thresholds configured at the Company level in Profit Analytics. Reach out to Cavallo if you wish to update your company settings for these thresholds. 

  • The default thresholds are:
    • Recent: <= 90 Days
    • Stale: 91 - 200 Days
    • At Risk: 201 - 365 Days
    • Churned: 365+ Days
  • The widget is available on the Home screen and Customer hub.
  • An easy-access Customer Class filter is available on the widget in all locations where the widget can be found.
  • Clicking the chart allows the user to drill into a details screen where the user can filter, export, and investigate detailed customer data. 
  • The available data on the detail screen includes 5-year financial values for Sales $, Margin $, and Margin %, allowing the user to pinpoint and prioritize customers they may want to reach out to based on historical sales/margin volume.
  • Users can sort/filter based on customer status and create call lists, marketing campaign targets, etc., for their at-risk customers or churned customers, and then share those lists via the Share View feature or by exporting the data to Excel.

Grid & Segment Support for Item Class 

Item Class is now available in grids related to sales line items. It is also available on both the Sales and Margin screens in the 'Segment' by widgets.

PLEASE NOTE: The backend support for this feature will be rolled out over the next week. You may not yet have data to support this feature. We appreciate your patience as we roll this support out.

  • Available Locations
    • Items: Top Gainers/Decliners
    • Unique Items Sold
    • Sales by Item
    • Margin by Item
    • Sales by Item Class
    • Margin by Item Class


User-created Notifications, as well as system-created Insight Notifications, are now available in the application. Notifications can be accessed via the bell icon at the top right corner of the application. The number of unseen notifications will appear alongside the bell icon.

Clicking the gear icon on the Navigation Pane allows the user to create personalized notifications. Notifications are evaluated and sent daily and will persist in the Notification Pane for 72 hours.

The user can create two types of Notificaitons: KPI, and Customer. 

KPI Notifications

KPI Notifications allow the user to configure notifications to be sent in the event a KPI is Greater Than, Less Than, Greater Than or Equal To, Less Than or Equal To a given value at the end of a specified timespan.

  • Supported Options:
    •  KPIs: Invoices #, Invoice $, Margin Invoiced %
    • Comparison: Greater Than, Less Than, Greater Than or Equal To, Less Than or Equal To
    • Number: number being compared
    • Period: Week, Month, Year

Customer Notifications

Customer Notifications allow the user to specify a notification that will be triggered if a given customer has not had an invoice within a specified length of time.

  • Supported Options:
    • Customer: Customer you want the notification to apply to
    • Duration: Duration since last invoice
    • Unit: Days, Weeks, Months

Other Updates

This version of Cavallo Profit Analytics also includes a large number of fixes and updates around the application, including the following:

  • Updated margin drivers export email to include more details information regarding what information was exported.
  • Optimized queries and indexes to improve overall data load performance.
  • Enhanced background styling for margin drivers.
  • Normalized widget title formats on the Home screen
  • Reduced widget whitespace, enhancing the size and visibility of the widget's contents.
  • Updated various UI components to improve user interface consistency and responsiveness.
  • Added new invoice grids, updated icons, and unified the UI to streamline the user experience across the platform.
  • Addressed issues with void documents in margin drivers.
  • Included unit of measure in chart formatting to prevent overlaps.
  • Fixed company selection errors, that sometimes resulted in an error message.
  • Added numerous tooltips to improve user understanding and interaction with data.
  • Implemented retries for data fetches on errors and updated various configurations to enhance data accuracy and application stability.
  • Fixed numeric searches in grids
  • Improved default sorting in various grids
  • Updated alignment of header cells in segment tiles to ensure data consistency and usability.

March 18, 2024

The Profit Analytics application has been updated. Log into Profit Analytics to see the new major features. Please note that if you already have the application open, you may need to refresh the website for the features to display properly. 

Major Features

Export to Excel

  • The Export to Excel feature is now available. After clicking the download button on a grid supporting the Export to Excel feature, an Excel file will be generated and a link to download it will be emailed to your account email address.

  • The download link will be active for one hour after being emailed.

  • The Exported file includes column type information, allowing for direct use of Excel functions against the financial and date data in Excel. 

Items Navigation Option & Screen

  • There is now an “Items” option in the main navigation bar. Clicking it will take the user to the Items-focused screen where various items-related widgets will be found.

Active Customers

  • The Active Customers widget now has a 'Customer Class' filter. This filter allows the user to filter the visualized data based on Customer Class.

Filter Indicators

  • Filter icons have been added to the screen-level filters as well as the widget headers. The icons on the widgets show as enabled or disabled, indicating whether they support the corresponding filter.

  • If a widget doesn’t support the selected filters, a message will be displayed informing the user which selections that widget supports.

Sales Territory and Warehouse Segment Options

  • Sales Territory and Warehouse are now available for the user to select on the Sales and Margin by Segment widgets.

Enhanced Bar Chart Labeling

  • A number of Bar Charts now display stickied labels above four of the charted bars. These four bars represent the minimum and maximum values for each series (current period and comparison period), allowing the charts to convey more key details at a glance.

Time Period & Comparison Periods Display the Applied Date Range

  • The user can now see the specific date range a given option will apply if selected.

  • The user can now see subtext within the Time Period and Comparison Period controls displaying the currently applied date ranges, respectively.

Margin Drivers Navigation Option

  • The Margin Drivers feature, a cornerstone feature of Profit Analytics, is now available via a primary navigation option in the navigation bar.

Time Period: Last Calendar Year

  • The option for Last Calendar Year has been added to the Time Period screen filter. Selecting this time period applies a date range that spans the previous calendar year (based on the current Reference Date).

SalesPad URI Linking

  • Document, Customer, and Item grid columns now support URI linking to SalesPad Desktop. Clicking on a cell with one of these three hyperlinked values will now open that document, customer, or item in SalesPad.
    NOTE: This feature will only work correctly if you are using a browser on a machine where SalesPad Desktop is installed and has access to the same SalesPad/GP company database your Profit Analytics company is connected to.

Other Updates

  • Sales & Margin Screens

    • The summary info section of the Sales and Margin widgets is now present on all instances of those widgets in the application.

    • The lines on the Margin and Sales widgets that plot the Margin % values over time are now clickable and will take the user to the appropriate details page with a filter applied based on the clicked point.

    • The Sales by Customer and Margin by Customer widgets now display the following additional information: Customer Number, Customer Class.

    • The Sales by Item and Margin by Item widgets have been expanded to better handle long item number and item description values. 

    • The “All Others” value, which is included as a row in the grid-based widgets, will no longer be visualized in the corresponding bar chart if the user clicks to access the related details page. 

  • The item number field has been added in places where only the item description was previously displayed.

  • Queries have been optimized to boost performance throughout the application.

  • Specific widgets will now reload independently instead of requiring the entire screen to reload.

  • The default Time Period selected throughout the application is now 12 Trailing Months

  • Resolved an issue that caused items with UofM’s that had the same value but different casing to be treated as separate items.

  • Updated the application to gracefully handle authentication token failures.

  • Resolved an issue where the wrong comparison period date was shown.

  • Resolved various labeling inconsistencies.

  • Removed visual artifacts and whitespace.

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