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Workflow For GP Release Notes


Version 3.0.6

Release Date 3/12/24

BREAKING CHANGE: Item Master Search: The Back Ordered and Ordered columns are now called Backordered and On Order.  If a user had added these columns to the grid, upgrading to this version will cause those columns to disappear, but users can re-add the updated columns with the Column/Band Chooser button.

BREAKING CHANGE: Item Master User Fields: The Back Ordered and Ordered fields are now called Backordered and On Order.  If a user had added these fields to the layout, upgrading to this version will cause those fields to disappear, but users can re-add the updated fields with the Customize Layout button.

BREAKING CHANGE: Sales Line Item User Fields: The Tax Ammount field is now called Tax Amount and now displays accurate information.  If a user had added this field to the layout, upgrading to this version will cause Tax Ammount to disappear, but users can re-add Tax Amount with the Customize Layout button.

BREAKING CHANGE: Sales Line Item User Fields: The Doc ID, Tax Code, Seq, and Item ID fields are no longer available as they displayed misleading data.

UPDATED: Item Maintenance: The Next Expected Receipt field now displays information which is consistent with SalesPad's Inventory Lookup.

FIXED: Item Maintenance: The On Hand field now displays the On Hand quantity instead of the Available quantity.

FIXED: Item Maintenance: The On Hand and Available fields now display accurate quantities for kits.

FIXED: Item Maintenance: The Item Blocked field now displays accurate information.

FIXED: Sales Line Item User Fields: The Extended Cost field now rounds correctly for return documents.

FIXED: Sales Line Item User Fields: The Qty Unblocked field now displays accurate information.

FIXED: User Fields: Read only user fields are now consistently read only.

FIXED: User Fields: Editing a text user field via its '...' button and then clicking the popup's 'Cancel' button will discard any changes made in the popup.

FIXED: User Fields: File attachment and hyperlink user fields which are read only will allow for the file attachment or hyperlink to be opened.

FIXED: User Fields: Integer and decimal user fields more actively prevent non-numeric input.

Version 3.0.5

Release Date 9/11/23

UPDATED: User Fields: Image user fields are now displayed with their original aspect ratio.

FIXED: Panels: The app will not crash when closing a form such as Vendor Maintenance which supports a SalesPad+ Panel but the current user doesn't have access to any of its tabs. (Introduced: 3.0.4)

Version 3.0.4

Release Date 8/14/23

UPDATED: Panels: Panels now retain their height, width, tab order, and selected tab when closing and reopening the panel.

FIXED: User Fields: Fields which display on User Fields tabs but are not user fields are now fully read-only.

FIXED: User Fields: Image user fields now display and save.

FIXED: User Fields: The Customize Layout window no longer appears slightly off the screen.

Version 3.0.3

Release Date 7/17/23

ADDED: Setting: Searching: Populate Visible Columns Only - If set to 'True', searches on screens such as Sales Document Search will only load the columns which are currently visible. Defaults to 'True'.

ADDED: Setting: Logging: Enable Logging - Set this option to true to enable logging. Dynamics GP needs to be restarted for this setting to take effect. NOTE: This setting will override the NLog.config file, if any, in the Dynamics GP installation directory. (Default: False)

ADDED: Setting: Logging: Log File Name - File path and file name of the log file. (Default: C:\Temp\SalesPad-Plus-Log.txt)

ADDED: Setting: Logging: Log Layout - The NLog layout of log entries. Go to for available layout options. (Default: ${longdate}|${environment-user}|${level:uppercase=true}|${logger}|${message})

REMOVED: Vendors: The USERDEF1 and USERDEF2 columns were removed as they load the same data as the User Def 1 and User Def 2 columns.

UPDATED: Sales Monitor: Batches are now ordered by their sequence instead of their names. When the 'All' tab is selected, batches will be first ordered by sales document type and sales document ID and then by sequence.

UPDATED: Sales Monitor: Sales Document IDs are now ordered by sales document type and sales document ID name.

UPDATED: Search Screens: All search screens now support showing and searching on SalesPad UDFs.

UPDATED: Item Masters: ImagePath was renamed to Image Path.  Screens which were customized to add the ImagePath column will need to be updated.

UPDATED: Application: Updated Application.Dynamics, Microsoft.Dexterity.Bridge, and Microsoft.Dexterity.Shell DLLs from version 11 to version 18.

FIXED: Item Master Search: Typing into the search bar and searching will not give 'Invalid column name' errors around user fields.

Version 3.0.2

Release Date 11/16/22

UPDATED: Sales Transaction Entry: New sales documents will not be automatically assigned to a SalesPad workflow if the Batch ID value has been manually entered or selected.

FIXED: Sales Transaction Entry: Users will not get the 'Could not find stored procedure SMTransactionBatchType' error when assigning sales documents to a workflow queue that does not already exist in GP.

Version 3.0.1

Release Date 11/2/22

FIXED: Database Update: The database update now grants select, update, insert, and delete SQL permissions to the DYNGRP role for spActiveUsers and spSystemInfo tables in the DYNAMICS database in order to avoid permission errors around those tables.

FIXED: Sales Monitor: Send to Batch will not give errors about the spActivity table.

FIXED: Sales Monitor: The 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error does not occur anymore when refreshing the Sales Monitor after forwarding a sales document.

FIXED: Security Editor: Fixed “The '+' character, hexadecimal value 0x2B, cannot be included in a name” error when exporting security.

Version 3.0.0

Release Date 9/12/22

BREAKING CHANGE: CardControl: All CardControl functionality was removed.

BREAKING CHANGE: Installer: Remade the installer in order to resolve various issues. A side effect of this change is that the new installer will not automatically uninstall files from SalesPad+ versions and below; SalesPad files in AddIns must be manually removed.

BREAKING CHANGE: Application: The app's framework and various dependencies were updated to match recent versions of SalesPad Inventory Manager and SalesPad GP Mobile Server. This results in various fixes and improvements, but may result in some minor issues such as sales document layouts being partially reset when upgrading to this version.

BREAKING CHANGE: Downgrading: Various changes were made which may make downgrading to SalesPad+ version or below difficult without utilizing a database backup.

ADDED: Sales Transaction Entry: Added a Sales Monitor screen. The Sales Monitor allows users to view sales documents by sales batch, view batch totals, bulk forward sales documents, and more.

ADDED: Application: This product now works with other GP plugins in the AddIns folder and will not cause GP to crash on the login screen.

ADDED: Setting: SalesPad Remote Library: SalesPad Remote Library URL - The URL for SalesPad Remote Library's Remote Web Service. Defaults to 'localhost:5501/SalesPadRemoteLibrary'.

ADDED: Setting: SalesPad Remote Library: Connection Timeout - The amount of time in seconds to wait for SalesPad Remote Library to respond to a request, such as forwarding a sales document. Values below 3 seconds will be ignored. Defaults to '20'.

ADDED: Sales Transaction Entry: The Additional menu now has a Forward button which forwards the current sales document through workflow.

ADDED: Security Setting: GP Sales Transaction Entry: Can Forward Using Workflow - If set to true, users can forward sales documents using SalesPad workflow. Defaults to 'False'.

ADDED: Setting: Sales Documents: Select Sales Document Unsaved Changes Action - When selecting a sales document from one of this add-in's screen such as Sales Monitor and there's a sales document in the GP Sales Transaction Entry window with unsaved changes, this setting determines how to resolve the unsaved changes. Save - Auto save the current sales document. Ask - Show a prompt which has an option to save the current sales document. Disallow - Show a prompt stating the user must manually resolve the issue. Defaults to 'Save'.

FIXED: Licensing: When logging in for the first time, the app will automatically retrieve licenses instead of asking for an email address first and ignoring whatever is typed in.

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