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Update Email From Customer Plugin


This is a Sales Document plugin that can be run from Sales Entry or ran through Sales Document workflow. The main use case is to update the Sales Document Shipping and Emailing Notification email fields that may not have been populated on a document, for instance when a sales document is imported through an external integration or created directly in Dynamics GP, as compared an order created within SalesPad Desktop.

There is a sub-security, Always Update, which will update the email addresses even if they are not blank, setting them to the customer's current address code email values at the time the plugin is run.


Open a Sales Document in SalesPad Desktop with blank/missing Shipping and/or Billing Notification Email Address(es). Click the Update Email From Customer button in the toolbar, or select it from the Actions drop-down menu.
The blank Notifications Email fields will populate with the Email address of the respective Customer Card Ship To or Bill To Address Code Email values.

If an email address already exists in the Shipping or Billing Notifications field, it will not be overwritten.*


Sales Document Update Email from Customer – This security will enable the plugin.


Always Update* – When enabled, the shipping and billing email addresses will always repopulate/overwrite the existing Notifications email addresses based on the corresponding customer address(es).

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