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FedEx: Test and Production Accounts

IMPORTANT: FedEx Web Services API will be retired on May 15, 2024. The SOAP-based FedEx Web Services is in development containment and has been replaced with the FedEx REST API.  For updated configuration information, please refer to this guide.

Create a FedEx Test Account

  1. Navigate to
    This requires the company’s FedEx Username and Password
  2. Click the Move to Development link under Develop and Test
  3. Click Get your test key
  4. Fill out the form with the user's company information
  5. A test account key will be emailed to the email address you provided
  6. In ShipCenter, go to carrier setup and create a FedEx carrier using the new credentials

Create FedEx Production Account

  1. Navigate to
    This requires the company’s FedEx Username and Password
  2. Click the Move to Production link under Move to Production
  3. Click Get Production Key
  4. Fill in the Application Profile form:
  5. Continue through the remaining steps, entering the user's information for Contact and Development Info
  6. Instructions will be sent to the email provided for completing the production account process.

NOTE: Test labels cannot be printed with your production key. To print the test labels requested by FedEx in the final steps of the certification process, use your test account to print labels in ShipCenter.

Certify FedEx Test Labels

Please note that failure to certify the test FedEx labels will disallow the production account from printing any labels

  1. Open this PDF:
  2. Fill out the cover sheet (the last page)
  3. Email the cover sheet as well as scans of the test labels to
  4. Wait for a reply within 3 business days with either an APPROVAL (production creds will work), or requested changes

Troubleshooting Authentication Failed

Authentication Failed errors can occur for several reasons. First, it could mean that your credentials are invalid. Either the Account Number, Meter Number, Authentication Key, or Password may be incorrect.

Please make sure that all values are correct. The key and password are case-sensitive, and some values may look the same depending on the font used. For example, an uppercase "i" could actually be a lowercase "L".

Secondly, it is possible that the service you are attempting to pass is not enabled within the specific environment.

For instance, Address Validation requests are NOT enabled by default in the test environment and also require certification for Advanced Web Services to utilize in the production environment.

Please make sure that your gateway URL corresponds with the correct environment. I have provided a list of valid URLs for both test and production respectively:

Web Services - Soap/XML URLs

  • Test -
  • Production -

If you have verified that none of the above issues are the cause of this error, you will need to generate a new set of credentials.


Before you generate the new credentials, keep in mind that if you use the same User ID and password to log in to the Developer Resource Center, there is a possibility that credentials will only be partially generated, and the problem may not be solved.

It is recommended that you first clear your internet cache and restart all open browser windows before attempting to generate new credentials, then create a separate User ID and password to log in. Once the new credentials are created, replace your current credentials and attempt to process the transaction again.

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