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Troubleshooting: "ShipTo Cannot Access UPS WorldShip database. Login failed for user 'shipto'.

If you find yourself receiving this error when trying to process a UPS shipment with ShipTo, this quick article will provide the steps to resolve 

Possible causes

This error is typically most common after applying updates to UPS Worldship or migrating SQL environments.


We'll have a step-by-step guide as well as a GIF provided below.

1) In the ShipTo Import window, click "Show/Hide Main Window" (orange ShipTo icon).

2) At the top of the left main window will be a gear icon for "Configure Worldship Server". Click this. If you do not see this option, enable "Configure Worldship Server" in the Security Editor.

3) On this window, click "Enable ShipTo User".

4) Once completed, close and reopen both ShipTo and UPS Worldship.

Please contact Cavallo Support if you have any questions or run into issues.

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