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Automation Agent Email on Error


Starting with version 5.2.30 of SalesPad, Automation Agent can send an email whenever an error occurs in an automation. This feature makes it easier to spot errors in the automation process and gives users a better chance to correct the errors while they’re still merely a minor inconvenience.

SMTP Setup

In order to send email, the SalesPad user who is running Automation Agent must have a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) configuration setup within SalesPad. There are two ways to configure this.

The first way is via the SMTP Setup screen. When Automation Agent sends an error, it first looks for a SMTP row with the following data:

  • Business Object = SystemUser

  • Column Name = User_Name

  • Column Value = (the SalesPad user who is running Automation Agent)

If there is a matching row, Automation Agent will use that SMTP information. If Automation Agent is running via the Automation Agent Service, the Column Value field must match the Automation Agent User Name setting’s value. Otherwise, the Column Value must match the currently logged in SalesPad user.

For more information on how to use the SMTP Setup screen, please refer to this documentation.

If the SalesPad user doesn’t have a matching row on the SMTP Setup screen, Automation Agent will try to use the Sales Email Confirmation settings instead. Unlike configurations on the SMTP Setup screen, any SalesPad user can use this SMTP information.


Once SMTP is configured, users can configure automations to send emails when errors occur. This configuration is per automation and is done on the automation’s Settings tab.

Email Errors - If set to 'True' and the 'Email Errors From' and 'Email Errors To' settings are correctly filled out, Automation Agent will send an email for each error that reaches the Action Center. Defaults to 'False'.

Email Errors From - The email address which Automation Agent will use to send automation errors. The email address must be accessible by the SMTP Setup screen row which belongs to the system user who's running Automation Agent. If that system user doesn't have a SMTP Setup row, the email address must be accessible by the Sales Email Confirmation settings instead. Defaults to nothing.

Email Errors To - The email address which Automation Agent will send automation errors to. Defaults to nothing.

Error Email Outgoing Name - The outgoing name which Automation Agent will use when sending automation errors. If blank, the mail server will use a default value based on the sender's email address. Defaults to 'Automation Agent'.


SalesPad’s Shopify integration has an order import. Automation Agent can encounter an eConnect error when it tries to import an order. If that integration has Email Errors set to ‘True’ and Email Errors From set to a properly configured email address, the email address specified in the Shopify integration’s Email Errors To setting will receive an email like the following:

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