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Analytics Cloud Release Notes


New Features

  • Renamed the Now Dashboard to Realtime Dashboard and moved it into the process section alongside the Queue Explorer

  • Renamed Trend Monitor to KPI Dashboard 

  • Created a new Section KPI, and moved the KPI Dashboard and KPI Explorer into the new section                            

  • Released Insights on KPI Dashboard as beta and now has a new “Notable Shift” insight which highlights the KPI with the greatest difference the change shown compared to the change shown yesterday

  • Added a new cumulative view to charts in both the KPI dashboard and KPI explorer to help users visualize the differences displayed in the KPI grid.

  • Released the KPI explorer screen to all customers who have the updated version of the SalesPad exporter.

Bug Fixes

App wide

  • Remembering the state of the search and filter params is better such as document type

On KPI Dashboard

  • Fixed issue with Reference Date where it would keep previous date highlighted
  • Make the Prior Period date range show correctly when changing the reference date


  • Disabling and Re-Enabling alerts no longer resets the trigger count


New Features

  • Trend monitor was renamed to the KPI dashboard and was moved into a new “KPI” section along with the KPI explorer

  • Insights bar was added to the KPI Explorer to help identify the KPI cells in the grid that have had the greatest positive change and the greatest negative change from the comparison period.

  • The list of queues in the Now dashboard has been given a separate scroll bar so that the user can always see the open document counts no matter how far down the queue they want to examine is.

  • New columns for Due Date, Discount, Tax, Freight and Extended Cost have been added to queue explorer

Bug fixes - 

  • Remove potentially incorrect total document count from the top of the queue list in the Now dashboard

  • Adjust dollar amounts in alerts to utilize dollar totals as net of discounts


New Features

  • Previously users had to do some mental gymnastics if they wanted to create an alert with a time > 24 hours to convert to days.  We’ve added days as a time option for queue alerts 

  • We’ve implemented the largest order size in Trend monitor so users can see the largest order for a particular time period

  • While Trend Monitor allows users to see their KPIs across multiple time periods simultaneously, there was not a way to allow them to see their performance for a particular complete time period.  We’ve now added the ability to change the reference date to any time in the current year.  Additionally we’ve created quick navigation points to recent period end dates for yesterday, end of last week, end of last month and end of last quarter.  

Bug fixes - 

  • Adjust dollar amounts in queue explorer to show totals as net of discounts

  • Adjust dollar amounts in trend monitor to show totals as net of discounts

  • Fixed performance issue with customer filters to speed up screen display

  • Removed shipped data from Placed Orders Chart in the Now Dashboard because the shipped data was potentially inaccurate for dropped and & 3PL shipments


New Features

  • Added the ability to show/hide outliers in both bubble charts on the now dashboard and the queue explorer based on the 95th percentile of time in queue

  • Added the current reference date to all columns in trend monitor

  • Added the ability to filter by document Due Date in Queue Explorer

  • Trend monitor's "Last Refreshed" was changed to "Last Updated" and is accurate to when the data was last generated and changed the data refresh period to hourly.

Bug Fixes

  • Significant speed improvements on the Queue Explorer page

  • The Now Dashboards' Bubble chart should be more accurate on colors as we are now taking more data into account. The effect is less red bubbles.

  • Numbers in the alert emails are now rounded and display a more reasonable value

  • Fixed Queue Explorer's real-time grid which was sometimes showing closed documents incorrectly

  • On the Queue Explorer screen, hid documents from system sync that don't have time in queue from the bubble chart but show them in the grid.  Previously they were all showing up as green bubbles with 0 sec time in queue.

  • Minor spelling and label fixes to Trend Monitor

  • Alert fixes when using customer number filter to improve accuracy when/if a name changes

  • Fixed the alerts configuration screens to correctly show showing customer and queue names instead of database IDs 

  • Hid the history tab in Queue Explorer as it is not currently able to accurately show historical time in queue because we do not have that information for documents the were created before we installed AC 


  • New KPI’s for Unique, Repeat and New Customers are now visible in Trend Monitor

  • Added toggle to enable/disable the color gradient formatting for KPI cells in Trend Monitor

  • Document splits and voids are now handled correctly in the Now dashboard, Queue Explorer and Trend Monitor.  

  • Queue Explorer now supports multiple filters on the Same column, e.g. `Time In queue >= 10, Time in Queue <= 20`

  • Added filters for  `Time In Queue` and `Total Processing Time` to Queue Explorer

  • Easier to share links, the currently selected document types and comparison periods are correctly stored in the url


  • Added the ability show/hide columns in Trend Monitor

  • Added support for copying existing alerts

  • Added color gradients to trend monitor cells 

  • Added Sales Rep as a filter to Trend Monitor

  • Added expandable graphs to trend monitor screen when a user clicks on a cell:


  • Added UI for showing when exporter is out of sync 

  • All customer queues can now be viewed in the Now dashboard even if they have 0 documents in them


New Alerts functionality

  •   Order alerts can send the email to the Sales Rep of the order

  •   Alerts can now be filtered by the workflow queue 

  • or document type

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