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Mission Control: Configuring the Service to Service Connection

A Service to Service connection is used in Cavallo for Business Central to facilitate communication between BC and Cavallo.  Follow these steps to set up this connection.

  1. In the Business Central client, search for Microsoft Entra Application (formally known as Azure Active Directory Application) and open the page
  2. Select “New”, which will open the card for creating the connection
  3. In the Client ID Field, enter the Application (Client) ID for Cavallo: 
    • f24cae8d-df4f-4729-9ea8-d2d84c53c7be
  4. Fill in the Description field with “Cavallo for Business Central”
  5. Set the state to Enabled
  6. Assign the D365 BUS FULL ACCESS and CAVALLO ALL ACCESS permission sets in each company which will be accessed by Cavallo
    • If Nodus PayFabric is installed in the company, also give the NODUS PF ALL ACCESS permission set in each company.
    • If Avalara AvaTax is installed in the company, also give the AVA AVATAX POST, AVA AVATAX SETUP and AVA AVATAX VIEW permissions set in each company.
    • If any InsightWorks modules are installed, also give any InsightWorks permission sets, including IWORKS COMMON, LICENSE PLATE MGMT, and WHI-ALL
    • If Versapay is installed in the company, also give the EFT GENERAL -CL- permission set
    • If you are using or are going to use Custom Fields, also give the AUTOMATE ACTION, D365 FULL ACCESS and D365 ADMINISTRATOR permissions in each company.
  7. As an administrator user, select the “Grant Consent” button in the header of the screen to establish the connection

Microsoft has more in depth documentation on this functionality located here.

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