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Setting up the EVO Gateway


This guide will walk through creating an EVO gateway in the PayFabric Portal and making any necessary adjustments within your SalesPad application.


Completing this process will require access to:

You will also need the credentials for your EVO gateway.

You can reach out to to get your credentials.


Creating your EVO gateway in the PayFabric Portal

First, log into your PayFabric Portal account using a web browser.

Once logged in, click Settings at the bottom of the panel on the left-hand side of the screen, and then click Gateway Account Configuration.

Click the New Gateway Account button.

Give your gateway a Name. Select EVO as the Connector and Evo US as the Processor.

Fill in the rest of the gateway information/credentials from what your EVO rep gave you

When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


- If you have questions about your merchant account you can reach out to

Updating Cavallo SalesPad

Now that you have the EVO gateway created in PayFabric it is time to log into SalesPad.

Open Settings and filter for Default Gateway.

In the drop-down list for Default Gateway select your EVO gateway.

When finished click Save.

If using EMV terminals/devices with Cavallo SalesPad

Log into SalesPad and go to Store Setup from Setup/Utilities.

Select your drawer from the list on the left.

Select your Evo gateway from the drop-down list for Default Gateway in the PayFabric setup tab.

Repeat as necessary for all applicable Drawers.

When finished click Save.

You can also check out our PayFabric integration documentation on the setup or usage of PayFabric within Cavalo SalesPad.

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