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Upgrading SalesPad Exporter for Analytics


SalesPad Exporter is a tool used to populate Analytics with your data.  When we release new features for Analytics it will sometimes require an upgrade to the exporter. Great news, it's very easy to upgrade the tool.  Your IT resource will be able to accomplish this in roughly 5 minutes.  Let's get started!

Components To Upgrading SalesPad Exporter

  • SalesPad Exporter Application

SalesPad Exporter Application

  • Install the tool on the same server as the original install.  The exporter was typically installed on the SQL server but you may have chosen a different server.
    • You can verify by searching in programs for ‘SalesPad Exporter’.

  • Do NOT uninstall the current version. 
  • Download the latest version of the installer here.
    • Google Drive will attempt to scan the file for viruses, it may take a minute to get the option for 'Download anyway'.  
    • When the download finishes, you might get a warning that the file is dangerous.  Click the arrow to the right of the 'Discard' button and select, 'Keep'. 
  • Run the installer - Install Video(:30s)

    • The installer is quick and offers a few prompts.  Leave the defaults, they are pulling in the data used during the initial installation. 

    • The installer automatically restarts the windows service, 'SalesPad Exporter'.

  • If the local host webpage launches automatically, close it.  No action is needed on that page. 

You’re done with the upgrade!

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