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SalesPad Plugin for Analytics


The Analytics SalesPad Plugin can be used for 2 functions:

  1. Add deep linking support for SalesPad versions between and 5.2.5.  
    The plugin enables you to open sales orders and customers in SalesPad by clicking their links within Analytics.
    Note: If you are on SalesPad  5.2.5 or later, deep linking works automatically, no plugin is required.  You must be using a web browser on the same machine SalesPad is installed. 

  2. Enable running Analytics within SalesPad.
    Analytics will be added as a module you can launch from the ribbon in SalesPad


  1. Log into our FTP site at with your credentials.  Contact Tech Support if you need an account created. 
  2. Navigate to ‘General’ > ‘SalesPad Analytics Module’ folder and open it.
  3. Installers for 32-bit & 64-bit are available.  Be sure to use the installer that matches your SalesPad install type.  The installer will add dlls to your SalesPad install folder. If SalesPad is installed on user’s local machines, this will need to be completed on each machine.

  4.  Accept the terms & click next.
  5. The folder path defaults to the last place SalesPad was installed.  Update the path if needed.
  6. Click next and click through the remaining screens, ending with ‘Finish’.
  7. Launch SalesPad and open the security editor.  You’ll see a module for ‘Analytics ’.
  8. Enable the security (follow standard security editor steps) and you’ll see a new tab for ‘Analytics’ added to the ribbon.
  9. Open the module, it launches a web browser inside of SalesPad.  Log in with your AC credentials.  
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