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Mission Control: Initial Installation and Setup

When getting started with Cavallo for Business Central, there a few steps that are required to complete setup.  Those steps are Gathering Provisioning Information, Sending Provisioning Information to Cavallo, and Installing the Extension.  Once these steps are complete, Cavallo will provision you for Cavallo for BC, and you will be able to access the system.

Gathering Provisioning Information

The information that needs to be gathered is the Company ID, Tenant ID,  the Environment that the company resides in, and a List of User Emails that need access to the application.  Instructions for the process of gathering this information is also available in video form.

Tenant ID and Environment can be found by Clicking on the ? at the top right of Business Central, selecting Help & Support, and copying the full text of the Azure AD Tenant/Entra ID: section at the bottom.

Company ID can be found by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Business Central

  2. Using the Search Button, navigate to the “Companies” list

  3. Select the company that will be added to Cavallo for Business Central

  4. Press ctrl + alt + f1 to display the page inspection panel

  5. In the shown panel, copy the ID associated with the company.  If the data is cut off, it can be easily copied by clicking on the row and pressing ctrl + c

Finally, the last piece of information needed is a List of User Emails that need access to this company.  These user emails need to be associated with Microsoft Accounts.

Sending the provisioning information to Cavallo

Once the above information has been gathered, it needs to be sent to Cavallo for provisioning.  Once gathered, please send this information via this form.

Installing the extension

To communicate with Business Central, Cavallo for Business Central requires an extension to be deployed.

These instructions are also available in video form.

The latest version of the extension can always be found on the Release Notes page.

Please note that uploading an extension may interrupt operations of users currently in the system.  Consider uploading the latest extension off hours in production systems.

Please note that this functionality in Business Central is secured, and is normally performed by users with the "Business Manager" role.

  1. Download the latest version of the extension from the Release Notes page

  2. Log into the Business Central environment you’re installing the extension in

  3. Using the Search button in the header, search for and open the Extension Management page.

  4. Under the Manage option in the action bar of the Installed Extensions page, choose Upload Extension

  5. Click the ellipsis at the end of the “Select .app file” row, and choose the downloaded extension from step 1 


  6. Review the Disclaimer and click the Accept toggle

  7. Click Deploy and wait for the extension to load!  This may take a few moments, and it’s progress can be reviewed from the Deployment Status page.

  8. Once the extension has been installed, browse to "Extension Management" and select the "Cavallo Core" extension.  Here, enable the "Allow HttpClient Request" setting

Please keep in mind that new versions of the extensions will be published periodically. You should install new versions using the same method above.

 Configure the Service to Service Connection

After installing the Cavallo extension, it is necessary to configure the "Service to Service" connection for Cavallo to function properly.

The instructions for setting up this connection can be found here.

Configure BC User Permission Sets

Any users working with Cavallo in Business Central should be given a Cavallo permission set.  Details of these permission sets can be found here.

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