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SalesPad Mobile Version Mismatch

If you've recently noticed that SalesPad Mobile is acting up, or that your handheld devices are not functioning as expected, you may be dealing with a version mismatch. Luckily, the fix should not take very long at all!


Let's start with what causes a version mismatch (if you'd prefer to get straight to the fix Click Here). SalesPad Mobile consists of two parts; SalesPad Mobile Server (the software on your computer) and a handheld device running the SalesPad Mobile application. Both of these devices need to communicate with each other, and in order to do so effectively, they both need to be running the same version of SalesPad Mobile.

Considering that the SalesPad Mobile Server is installed on a computer, the software will not update unless someone manually updates it. Unfortunately, this does not apply to most modern-day handheld devices (iOS or Android). A lot of handheld devices have a setting that causes them to automatically search their respective app store, and install any updates that it can find for any applications that are currently installed. This is where the problem lies.

Say you left the office for the weekend, and all of the handheld devices are sitting in their charging docks. If any of those devices are connected to a network, and they are set to "auto-update", the handheld device will automatically update everything that it can. Meaning your handheld device will be running the latest version of the SalesPad Mobile application, however, your computer will be running a different version of the SalesPad Mobile Server software. 

Now, the next time that someone tries to use that handheld, it won't be able to connect to the SalesPad Mobile Server, as it won't recognize that version of the software. To most people, this is going to look like an unusable device, however, this documentation is going to go over how you can identify this situation, as well as exactly what you need to do in order to solve this issue!

Before proceeding, SalesPad strongly recommends that you disable any 'auto-updating' functionality on all of your handheld devices, as that will help prevent this issue from happening again in the future. Disabling this functionality is going to be device-specific, if you are using an iOS device, please refer to this Apple article for instructions.

Identifying the Issue

If you are experiencing strange behavior with SalesPad Mobile, there are two reliable ways to identify if the issues are due to a version mismatch:

Checking the Error Message

One of the first things you'll notice on your handheld devices is an error message. The error message will typically look something like this:

SalesPad Mobile Server
The Mobile Server you are attempting to connect to is below the minimum version [insert version number here] supported by this client. Continuing to access this server could result in unexpected behavior or loss of work. Please update to the latest server version available at Would you like to log in anyway?

Keep in mind, this is not the only error that may appear when your devices have mismatched versions, this error is just one of the most common. If you are seeing errors like this, the next step is to check the version numbers on both devices.

Comparing the Version Numbers

This may seem pretty straightforward, but if you're suspicious that your devices have mismatched versions of SalesPad Mobile, the next thing you'll want to check is the version numbers themselves.

First, you'll want to grab the handheld(s) that is (are) acting up, and when you first open the application, you should see the version number displayed on the login screen.

Next, you'll want to go to the computer that is running the SalesPad Mobile Server software. Open the SalesPad Mobile Server, and you should see the version number on the top-right corner of the screen.

If the version number on your handheld device does not match the version number on the SalesPad Mobile Server, then you know that there is a version mismatch, and you can begin correcting the issue!

If you see the same version number on both the SalesPad Mobile Server and the SalesPad Mobile application, you may have a version mismatch with the service that you are using (IIS or Windows Service). If this is the case, please reach out to SalesPad Support for assistance.

Correcting the Issue

Once you have verified that there is a version mismatch between your SalesPad Mobile handhelds and your SalesPad Mobile Server, please feel free to reach out to SalesPad Support for immediate assistance.

If you are unable to contact SalePad Support, or if you'd prefer to correct the issue on your own, follow the steps listed below to get everything back up and running (please follow these steps in the order that they are listed):

  • Install the latest version of SalesPad Mobile Server
  • Login to the SalesPad Mobile Server application and run the Database Update (if prompted, database updates don't always occur with SalesPad Mobile Server updated)
  • Install the latest version of the hosting service using the .msi file
    • This is system dependent (you will be running either IIS or the Windows service). If you are unfamiliar with these services, or this process, please reach out to SalesPad Support
  • Recycle the app pool and restart the service

The SalesPad Mobile Server, and the IIS service update, can be attained from SalesPad's FTP server (this can be found under General\SalesPad Mobile).

Note: If you do not have access to the SalesPad FTP server, please reach out to SalesPad Support

For information on installing the SalesPad Mobile Server update, please refer to our Mobile Server Installation and Usage Guide

For information on installing the IIS service update, please refer to our IIS Installation Guide.

If you do not understand any of the instructions listed above, please feel free to reach out to SalesPad Support for any questions/assistance with correcting this issue!

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