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PayFabric EMV Terminal Transaction Signatures


SalesPad Desktop  can pull the signature image from the last PayFabric transaction made on a sales document into a printed report. This is useful if you or your customer requires a receipt with the signature for any purchase. 

This documentation will go over the steps required to add the signature to a printed report, but it will not cover creating the report in its entirety.

This functionality requires SalesPad Desktop or greater.


Open the report you wish to add the signature to in Report Designer. Add a picture box to your report where you would like the signature to appear, then resize the box to roughly signature size. It’s recommended to set the Image Alignment property to Middle Center and the Sizing property to Auto Size in the Property Grid.

Make sure the picture box is still selected, then click Scripts in the Report Designer’s ribbon.

In the upper part of this tab to the left of the Validate button will be a dropdown. From the dropdown, select Before Print. This will add a pictureBox1_BeforePrint method to the script editor section.

Paste the code attached to this documentation within the brackets { } of the method that was added.

Click Validate. The script errors should come back “All scripts are valid.” 

Click Print Preview to preview the changes.

Note: By default, a No Signature Found image will be display if for any reason a signature is not retrieved from PayFabric. If you want to disable this image and instead show nothing, remove the beginning // from the “if(img.Tag == null)” line from the attached script. This will hide the signature for you.


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