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Receipt Monitor


The Receipt Monitor provides a complete view of all open receipt documents in your system, and each document’s status. Receipt Monitor can be configured to show only the desired workflow batches, where documents can be moved to other batches. In addition, users can click on the receipt number link to open the receipt card and view details such as items received and serial/lot numbers.


The Receipt Monitor displays receipt documents, organized by workflow batch. All workflow batches appear on the left pane of the screen. Batches created in Dynamics GP will be displayed under a default header.

The right pane displays all open documents in the selected workflow batches. Multiple workflow batches can be monitored simultaneously by selecting more than one batch. Documents will be displayed under their respective batch name.

All receipt numbers are displayed as a hyperlink under the Receipt Number column. Clicking on the link of a receipt number (or double-clicking elsewhere on the line) opens the Receipt card for that receipt.

The lower left pane in the Receipt card displays all the items received so far and their quantities. The lower right pane shows the serial lot details for the item selected.

Moving Documents to a New Batch/Queue

On the Receipt card, users can move documents to a different workflow batch. To move a single document, select the destination workflow batch from the Receipt Batch dropdown and click Save.

Splitting the Receipt

Users can split receipts by clicking the Split button in the Receipt card. The Split Receipt screen lists all the items and serial/lot numbers in the receipt. Select the desired items to split by double-clicking on the item or by entering the split quantity. Click the Split button one more time to complete the split operation. DataCollection deletes the selected items and lots from the original receipt and creates a new receipt document with the marked merchandise.

Refresh, Print, and Forward Receipts

On the Receipt Monitor header, click Refresh to instantly update the monitor’s grid view to include any new workflow batches, receipt documents in the system, or document changes. 

Click Print to open a window, allowing you to print a selected receipt. A label will need to be created in the Report Manager prior to using this feature.

Click Forward to Next Batch to instantly forward a selected receipt to its next workflow batch, if available. Workflows will need to be set up before using this feature; see the Workflow Setup document for more information. This feature will need to be enabled in the Security Editor as well.


Receipt Card - Grants access to individual receipt documents.

Receipt Forward - Allows forwarding of receipts to different batches from the Receipt card.

Receipt Monitor - Grants access to the Receipt Monitor module.

Receipt Splitting - Allows splitting of receipts from the Receipt card.

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