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ShipCenter Supported Scales


ShipCenter supports multiple scale brands for weighing shipments. ShipCenter supports any USB scale using the HID POS protocol. USB scales from Mettler Toledo, Dymo, and Fairbanks require no additional configuration and can be considered "plug and play."

Using a Scale in ShipCenter

From a new shipment, a scale can be used to update the Weight field. To calculate the weight, place the shipment on a connected scale and click the Enable USB Scale button.

The weight of the package as recorded on the scale will populate in the weight field.

Using a Scale with Multi-Package Shipments

For shipments with more than one package, the following process must be followed:

  1. With the scale enabled, place the package on the scale.
  2. After the weight has stabilized and you are ready to weigh the next package, click Next. This will capture the weight of the first package.
  3. Remove the previous package from the scale, and place the next package on the scale.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all packages have been weighed.
  5. When finished weighing the packages, or if changes are needed on a previous package, stop the scale by clicking on the Enable USB Scale button. Failure to do so will result in package weights being overwritten.

Automatically Start Weight Scale - If set to True, the weight scale will be automatically enabled when opening a Shipment. Defaults to False.

Weight Scale - Determines the scale used while the Weight Scale button is enabled on the Shipment Editor. If blank, ShipCenter will attempt to automatically detect a Dymo, Mettler Toledo, or scale. Defaults to n/a. 

VID/PID numbers can be located in the Windows Device Manager properties.

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