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ShipCenter and UPS End of Day Forms


When printing UPS labels from ShipCenter, there is no need to provide an End of Day report to your UPS driver. Additionally, there is no need to manually send Package Level Detail (PLD) to UPS. When a UPS label is created in ShipCenter, this information is automatically sent to UPS through their API.

Pre-Scanned Labels

When a shipping label is generated in ShipCenter, the label includes a package icon in the lower right-hand corner, indicating that the shipment has been pre-scanned. Drivers do not need to scan each package individually.

If your driver requests an End of Day report, or if a UPS Representative requests PLD, simply let them know ShipCenter is UPS Ready certified, and that this information has been submitted electronically through the UPS API.

Shipping Manifests

For a physical copy of a shipping manifest, a Carrier EOD report can be printed. This report cannot be scanned, but can be used to verify that the correct shipments are sent out. For more info on using the Carrier EOD report, see our documentation found here.

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