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Special Pricing Maintenance


This module allows for maintaining customer special pricing, provided a customer already has existing special pricing. Existing special pricing appears on the Special Pricing tab on the Customer card. Within Special Pricing Maintenance, item prices can be updated, and special pricing lines can be deleted. Pricing can be updated across all customers that have existing pricing, or they can be updated on a per customer basis.


Search for an item to see which customers have special pricing for this item. All customers with existing special pricing for this item will appear in the grid results.

After searching for an item, the new price can either be typed manually in the Price field, or a new price can be applied using the New Disc. % field. Pricing can be changed across multiple customers from the Update Options pane.

Clicking the Calculate button will display an updated price in the New Price column without committing the change, and clicking the Apply button will instantly save the new price. If the Selected Items Only box is unchecked, clicking on Calculate or Apply will affect all results in the grid. If this box is checked, only the selected row will be changed when clicking on Calculate or Apply.

To delete Special Pricing lines, click on the Delete button.

Note: If the Selected Items Only box is unchecked, clicking the Delete button will delete all Special Pricing lines displayed in the Results grid.


Special Pricing Maintenance - Allows users to access the module to make changes to existing Special Pricing.

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