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Remote Library


The SalesPad Remote Library dll for SalesPad Desktops acts as the listening point for  communications from other applications, such as DataCollection, ShipCenter, AutomationAgent, and ShipTo. This dll is required for the applications to remotely access functionality in SalesPad Desktop. The most common use for this dll is for allowing other SalesPad products to forward documents through SalesPad's workflow. 

Note: Once configured, this dll will occupy an available SalesPad Desktop seat.


The dll file must be placed in the installation folder of SalesPad Desktop. No database update is required when placing the dll. 


Once the dll is in place, the Remote Library tab will appear in SalesPad. 

From this tab, the Remote Web Service can be configured in one of two ways:

1. Local Service: Pressing the Start button will launch the service within SalesPad. If the service is started in this fashion, it will automatically stop when the Remote Web Service tab is closed. To manually stop the service started this way, click on the Stop button.

2. Windows Service: To install the service as a Windows service, click on the Install As Service. Configure the service as desired. Installing the service as a Windows service requires running the SalesPad executable as an administrator. 

After the service has been installed, it can be stopped by clicking the Stop button or by clicking Uninstall Service.

Reconfiguring the service will uninstall and reinstall the service in the same step.


Remote Web Service - Gives users access to the Remote Web Service tab to start, stop, install, and uninstall the service.

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