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Locating Old SalesPad Desktop License Files


If you are running an older (versions 4.3 and prior) version of SalesPad Desktop and you need to access your license in order to reinstall SalesPad Desktop, either on a new workstation or the same workstation where you previously ran SalesPad Desktop, there are two methods of doing so.

The first method is to grab a copy of the license (.lic) file from the SalesPad, LLC folder, located in ProgramData, from a workstation that is still able to run your version of SalesPad Desktop, then use that .lic file for your new installation. Take that license file and put it in that same file location on the machine where you need the file.

The second method is to reach out to Support for a copy of the license file. This method is not guaranteed to work, but if it does not, Support will be able to help you further. 

Note: Your company does not need to be current on SalesPad's enhancement services in order to reach out to Support for help with this issue.

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