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Using Report Designer For Quick Reports

SalesPad’s Report Designer can be used to create a custom printed report to go along with any Quick Reports.

  1. In the Quick Report file, add the following tag to the top line of the report (after the xml version line):
    DevExpress="Quick Report w Report Designer.repx"
    (Between the quotes should be the proper title of your Quick Report with Report Designer.) Here is a sample of the entire xml line:
    <report name="Report" AutoLinks="true" autoRun="true" DevExpress="Quick Report w Report Designer.repx ">
    Note: This is going to be the Report Designer file and should be stored in the same path as your Quick Report.
  2. In the Quick Reports module, load the Quick Report in the Report Files tab
    Note: This will not work if you try to load from the Reports tab.) It will look for the .repx file
  3. When the file is found, click Print. The data from the report will load:
  4. To modify this report, return to the Quick Reports module and right-click on the Print button. As long as the report .repx file is found, The Report Designer will open and all fields from the quick report data will be available:

(Refer to the SalesPad Reports document for information on using the Report Designer)

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