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USF Holland Shipping and Packaging Options

USF Holland Shipping Options

(Only Charge Type and Shipping Direction are required.)

Charge Type – The terms of payment for the shipment (i.e. Prepaid, Collect); defaults to prepaid.

Shipping Direction – The relationship between the customer location and the shipment (i.e. Shipper, Consignee, 3rd Party); defaults to Shipper.

Pickup Date – When selected, populates field with 1/1/1900. If not populated, defaults to today.

COD Amount – Value type is integer.

Number of Pallets – Value type is integer; max is 25.

Reddaway Services –Multi select dropdown menu with all services offered from the Reddaway location. Type is Enum array. Note that selecting Reddaway services AND Holland services (which include storage days and sort segregation pieces) will produce a warning and not allow a rate request.

Holland Services – Dropdown menu with all services offered from the Holland location. Can select multiple services from the dropdown with check boxes. Type is Enum array.

Storage Days (Holland Only) – Number of days for storage; max is 999.

Sort Segregation Pieces (Holland Only) – Number of pieces related to sort and segregate; max is 9999.

USF Holland Packaging Options


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