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Troubleshooting Error Installing UPS WorldShip to a Mapped Folder Path

If you are installing UPS WorldShip to a mapped folder path, you may receive one of the following errors when setting up ShipTo:

    The ‘ShipTo Import.DATA’ integration map file is in use (by WorldShip) and needs to be replaced. Please close WorldShip, attempt to import a document, and then restart WorldShip.

  2. An unexpected error has occurred. Could not find a part of the path ‘P:\UPS\WSTD\wstdShipmain.ini’.

These errors may result from the way UPS WorldShip is configured upon installation. ShipTo does not work well using drive letters to a mapped file path. Instead, we recommend changing these to UNC file paths in the computer registry.

The following two keys should be updated:


Windows Vista x64 stores the keys in the following locations:


The original keys should look like this:

After the change, they should look like this:

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