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System Information


The System Information module allows users to view current connection information, current software versions .dll’s that are loaded, whether or not certain GP features are enabled, as well as assembly locations. There is currently no Security or Settings needed to enable the System Information module.

Table of Contents
Main Screen
System Information Screen

To get started, click the blue question mark found in the top right corner and choose System Information from the dropdown.

This is the main System Information screen where users will see several grids and tabs.

Company Server Information

At the top of the screen, there is a Company/Server Information grid. This displays the currently installed software versions and indicates which current GP features are enabled.

Sales Setup

This tab walks a user through how Sales Order Processing Setup is enabled within the GP company database. The top section displays any GP User Defined Fields and other top level Sales Setup elements. The bottom grid displays individual Sales Document ID setups.

Assembly Versions

This tab displays the different .dll’s and their versions in SalesPad’s install folder.

Language Choice and Send to SalesPad

This section, found at the very bottom of the screen, allows the user to choose the system language and send a company’s System information to SalesPad Support. If you have a case that is currently open with SalesPad Support, enter the case number in the case number field to ensure that the information goes to the correct support technician.

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  1. Chris Abbott

    Would be amazingly helpful to be able to print or save the system information to an HTML/TXT/DOC file or some type of export option.