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Status Column Codes and Descriptions

Below is a key for codes that appear in the Status column of SalesPad’s Sales Monitor and Sales Document Mass Update.

BO (Backordered): One or more lines have backordered quantities

EM (Emailed): Document has been emailed

FBO (Fully Backordered): Indicates that the quantity ordered equals the quantity backordered

FPD (Fully Paid): Indicates that the document is fully paid

FP (Fully Picked): All lines have been fully picked

PP (Partially Picked): One or more lines have been fully fulfilled

OPD (Over Paid): Indicates that the document is overpaid

PBO (Partially Backordered): Indicates that the quantity backordered is greater than 0 and the quantity backordered is less than the quantity

PL (Purchased Lines): One or more Purchase Orders are attached to this sales order

DS (Drop Ship): One or more lines are marked as Dropship line items

TRK (Tracking Numbers): One or more Tracking Numbers exist on the document

ZL (Zero Lines): There are no line items on the order

If more than one code applies to a document, multiple codes will appear, separated by a space:

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  1. John Brophy

    Statuses are stored in the table view: spvSalesDocumentStatus

  2. Katie Thomson

    Staff –

    Hi Subha and Brad, 

    I wanted to reach out to let you know that I've emailed you more information on how SalesPad handles and stores these Status Codes. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  3. Subh

    Where these status are stored? @BradSmith, did you find where it stored?

  4. Brad Smith

    In which table does this status code live?