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ShipTo Release Notes


Release Date 3/21/2022

UPDATED: Application: The digital signature certificate for the app's files is now valid until May 13, 2025.


Release Date 2/19/2018

FIXED: There is no longer a SQL syntax error while ShipTo is forwarding a document with the 'Recalculate Batch Totals' setting set to True. (Introduced in


Release Date 12/5/2018

ADDED: Setting: Recalculate Batch Totals - When disabled, batch totals will no longer be recalculated. This will help with some deadlock issues.


Release Date 12/3/2018

FIXED: Customer On Order Amount will no longer be added to when writing back to a shipped order.

UPDATED: Error handling around writeback has been improved. Documents will no longer fail to unlock if saving fails, and additional audits and error messages have been added.


Release Date 4/13/2018

FIXED: Fedex Ship Manager will no longer need to be run as admin to write back to ShipTo.


Release Date 4/2/2018

UPDATED: An optimization was made to improve saving sales documents.


Release Date 3/19/18

FIXED: FedEx: Additional handling charges are now written back correctly when there are multiple packages in a shipment.


Release Date 2/26/18

FIXED: Users will no longer receive an error stating "Cannot find WorldShip's Keyed Import window..." due to UPS Worldship 2018 having a file path with two consecutive backslashes in the wstdShipuser.ini file.


Release Date 12/4/17

UPDATED: Measures were put in place to prevent deadlocks while saving sales documents. Note: The stored procedure dcptaSopHdrRecalc_SalesPad will need to be deleted so that ShipTo can recreate an updated version on login.


Release Date 11/17/17

FIXED: Hands-Off Shipping now correctly populates the Ship To address with the setting 'Use line ship to address in batch shipping.'


Release Date 10/24/17

FIXED: FedEx Integration: Rounding options are now respected.


Release Date 3/29/17

ADDED: Setting: User Options: Enable System User Warehouse Filter - If enabled, the system user's default warehouse will be used for ShipTo imports. This setting will override the 'Warehouse Filter' setting. (Default:False)


Release Date 12/7/16

FIXED: Saving sales document fields has been improved in order to prevent SQL server deadlocks.


Release Date 10/27/16

BREAKING: ShipTo mappings need to be reset in order for the application to function correctly. 

ADDED: Setting: Third Party Import Options: Third Party Address Code - Address code that will be used to import a third party address. This setting applies to UPS WorldShip only. (Default:N/A)
ADDED: Setting: Maps: Third Party Address Map - Allows the user to select which third party address fields will be imported into UPS WorldShip. (Default:N/A)


Release Date 9/14/16

FIXED: UPS WorldShip Integrator: When importing documents into WorldShip, writebacks now account for the possibility of manually added packages.


Release Date 9/12/16

UPDATED: The End User License Agreement for ShipTo has been updated.

ADDED: Added support for FedEx version 3009.


Release Date 7/20/16

ADDED: Setting: Writeback By Document Invert Indicator Field - When this setting is enabled, freight is written back to the sales document by default. The user needs to mark the sales document manually in order for it to be excluded from the write back. (Default: False)


Release Date 6/21/15

FIXED: Settings: Forward Documents Using Workflow - When using this setting certain values, such as user fields, would get reset after forwarding. This fix ensures all sales document fields are preserved after export.


Release Date 6/16/15

ADDED: UPS Shipments: Security: Move To Void Batch - Users can specify a batch to move the sales document to once shipment is voided.


Release Date 12/08/15

ADDED: Setting: SalesPad Remote Library: Forward Documents Using Workflow - Forward sales documents through workflow using SalesPad Remote Library. (Default:False)
ADDED: UPS WorldShip Shipments: UPS WorldShip Shipments window allows users to void WorldShip shipments directly from ShipTo. When a shipment is voided, associated sales document information is also updated, including shipment cost, tracking numbers, and shipping note.
ADDED: Misc: Added a warning message during startup when logging is enabled in Application Settings. 


Release Date 10/30/15

UPDATED: Installer: When the user attempts to install a new build of ShipTo over an older build, the installer will remove existing program files before installing new ones.

ADDED: Misc: Added support for renamed DYNAMICS database for GP 2013 and later.


Release Date 9/21/15

FIXED: Setting: Writeback By Document - The setting now takes precedence over Writeback Freight setting when processing shipments using FedEx Ship Manager. 


release Date 9/03/15

FIXED: Settings: UPS Reference Field Writeback - GP user fields do not repeat every time the user field mapping editor is opened.
FIXED: Security Editor: User default warehouse dropdown grid now resizes properly.
FIXED: Security Editor: New users are now assigned a default security group after they are created. Added checks to prevent deletion of the last available user. Added checks to prevent deletion of user groups that have users assigned to them.

ADDED: Setting: Declared Value Charge Destination Field - Specify a sales document user field to store the total declared value charge for all packages on a shipment. Declared value charges will not be applied to shipment total when this setting is set. 


Release Date 7/21/15

ADDED: Activity Locks: Added a screen that allows users to clear sales document locks directly from ShipTo.
ADDED: Setting: UPS Reference Field Writeback - Allows users to specify which UPS WorldShip reference fields will be written back and to which sales document user field. (Default:N/A) 


Release Date 7/02/15

UPDATED: Setting: Keep UPS Lookup Window Visible - Forces the UPS WorldShip lookup window to remain visible when importing sales documents. (Default:False)
UPDATED: Setting: Keep FedEx Lookup Window Visible - Forces the FedEx Ship Manager lookup window to remain visible when importing sales documents. (Default:False)

ADDED: Setting: Perform UPS WorldShip Import Manually - Prevent ShipTo from automatically activating data sent to UPS WorldShip lookup window. Instead the user needs to tab off to perform the import. (Default:False)
ADDED: Setting: Perform FedEx Ship Manager Import Manually - Prevent ShipTo from automatically activating data sent to FedEx Ship Manager lookup window. Instead the user needs to tab off to perform the import. (Default:False)


Release Date 6/24/15

FIXED: Security Editor: Fixed an issue where users are unable to add new users in ShipTo if they are running SalesPad version or later.

ADDED: Setting: Keep FedEx Lookup Window Visible - Forces the FedEx Ship Manager lookup window to remain visible when importing sales documents. When this setting is set to true, the user will need to manually click the 'OK' button on the lookup window to perform the import. (Default:False)
ADDED: Setting: Keep UPS Lookup Window Visible - Forces the UPS WorldShip lookup window to remain visible when importing sales documents. (Default:False)


Release Date 4/28/15

ADDED: Licensing: Implemented Meta licensing in ShipTo. ShipTo is now licensed based on Dynamics GP site.


Release Date 2/27/15

FIXED: Freight Writeback: Sales document audit entry now shows correct number of decimal places for freight writeback value.
FIXED: Freight Writeback: Sales document audit messages display proper freight amount and destination field when writeback is set to freight override field or user-defined field.


Release Date 2/02/15

FIXED: Keyed Import: Starting with version 2015, UPS WorldShip randomly adds a '\' to the active import map file path and tricks ShipTo into thinking that import window is inactive. Until a fix from UPS is provided, ShipTo now reads ShipMain file path from the registry as is, allowing the user to manually modify the file path and circumvent the problem. 


Release Date 1/27/15

FIXED: Shipping Monitor: Shipping Monitor now monitors multiple batches if they are set in the 'Shipping Monitor Batches' setting.


Release Date 1/09/15

FIXED: Keyed Import: Fixed 'Cannot find WorldShip's Keyed Import window' error message when trying to import a sales document into UPS WorldShip 2015 in a network configuration environment.


Release Date 8/14/14

ADDED: Shipping Monitor: Added 'spcpShipToShippingMonitor' custom procedure functionality to the Shipping Monitor. 


Release Date 7/10/14

FIXED: Writeback: Fixed writeback by sales document when shipping with UPS WorldShip. 


Release Date 7/07/14

FIXED: FedEx Integration: Fixed 'Bill Transportation To' integration with FedEx Ship Manager.
FIXED: FedEx Integration: Fixed integration with FedEx Ship Manager v.2804 and newer (FXIA.Net) while retaining compatibility with v.2704 and older. 


Release Date 6/09/14

ADDED: Mail Innovations: Added USPS delivery confirmation and endorsement import options for Mail Innovations shipments. 


Release Date 3/10/14

ADDED: Settings: Added 'Lock Sales Document During Processing' setting. When set to true, ShipTo to will lock sales documents while processing them. 


Release Date 2/21/14

FIXED: Batch Shipping: The dcpUpdateBatchShipment procedure 'wroteback' field values could be null and causing SQL errors.
FIXED: Batch Shipping: Fixed deleting batch shipment requests from ShipTo. 


Release Date 1/22/14

BREAKING CHANGE: Freight: Freight writeback from UPS WorldShip 2014 now takes shipment and package surcharges into account.

ADDED: Settings: Added ability to import and export application settings.

UPDATED: Settings: ShipTo settings are now saved separately from SalesPad GP settings in the company database. 


Release Date 11/07/13

ADDED: Configure Worldship Server: Shipment mappings and the Access database are now automatically backed up before being rewritten by the new version of ShipTo. 


Release Date 8/27/13

ADDED: Logging: Added logging capability to ShipTo on the framework level for troubleshooting purposes.

FIXED: Settings: Fixed 'Shipping Monitor Batches' setting functionality. When the setting is left blank, it defaults to all batches and the user will not get a prompt about the setting. 

Version 3.2

Release Date 3/27/2013

ADDED: Settings: WriteBack Weight and Dimensions To Note - write back the weight and dimensions of each package in the shipment to the note in SalesPad using both UPS and FedEx integrations.
ADDED: Shipping Monitor: monitor multiple batches simultaneously.

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