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Shipping Weight


The Shipping Weight plugin shows a breakdown of the shipping weight per item and the total shipping weight for an order, which can be used to quote shipping cost. By default, item shipping weight data are populated from the GP shipping weight field, but if desired, a user defined field can be created to store this data.


On a sales document or PO, click the Actions dropdown and find Shipping Weight in the list. Notice that the total shipping weight number may appear.

Select Shipping Weight and the Shipping Weights screen appears, displaying each line item along with its unit weight and quantity, and a calculated Extended Ship weight based on the unit weight and quantity. A document total weight is calculated on the bottom.

Click OK to return to the document.


Sales Document Shipping Weight - Activates the Shipping Weight plugin on Sales Documents.
Purchase Order Shipping Weight Activates the Shipping Weight plugin on Sales Documents.

Note: You must log out and log back in for security changes to take effect.


Sales Document Shipping Weight Field - Determines the Item Master field that is used to calculate the order weight

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