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Shipping Method Setup


The Shipping Method Setup screen is used to map a SalesPad product’s Shipping Method to a Carrier’s Shipment Service for easier shipment generation.

Settings, Security, and Setup

Shipping Method Setup security is available under Shipping Methods.


Shipping Methods is available from the Setup tab when enabled in Security. Clicking the icon will bring up the shipping Methods tab that has simple buttons for creating, deleting, and editing a Shipping Method.

Clicking the Edit button, double-clicking on a row, or clicking the Shipping Method hyperlink will launch the Shipping Method Editor. The Shipping Method Editor popup maps a Shipping Method from a Source Document to a Carrier’s Shipping Service on a per-Shipping Source basis. The following example maps the FEDEXFREIGHTSTD SalesPad GP Shipping Method to the FedEx Freight Economy Shipping Service for the ACME Printing shipping source.

Once configured correctly, starting a shipment from the Shipment Monitor will automatically populate as much information as possible from the Shipping Methods table to the Shipment Properties.

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