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ShipCenter Release Notes

Release Date 6/11/21

FIXED: Shipment Editor: When the 'Use Ground Home Delivery For Residential Destinations' setting is enabled, ShipCenter will not display the "This shipment qualifies for FedEx Home Delivery. Please resubmit your request with serviceType Ground Home Delivery." error when obtaining the shipment rate after the Shipment Amount button is clicked.
FIXED: Shipment Monitor: ASN was pulling for the wrong document compared to what had been selected when an auto-filter row was set.

ADDED: Setting: Added UDF mapping setting for the Sales Document's Carrier Name UDF.
ADDED: Setting: Added UDF mapping setting for the Sales Document's Shipping Billing UDF.
ADDED: Setting: Added UDF mapping setting for the Sales Document's Billing Account Number UDF.
ADDED: Setting: Added UDF mapping setting for the Service Transfer's Contract Name UDF.
ADDED: Setting: Added UDF mapping setting for the Service Transfer's Reference 1 Population UDF.
ADDED: Setting: Added UDF mapping setting for the Service Transfer's Reference 2 Population UDF.

Release Date 4/8/21

UPDATED: GP Shipping Source: Write Actual Ship Date: The actual ship date will now also be written to the source document's lines upon finalizing a shipment.

ADDED: Shipping Sources: Remote Library Shipping Source: Adds a new shipping source option to communicate source document and shipment updates through the SalesPad Desktop Remote Library service. (Requires: SalesPad Desktop 5.1.5)
ADDED: Shipments: Search Options: Hide Historical: Adds a checkbox option for omitting historical shipments from search results.
ADDED: Shipments: Search Options: Max Results: Adds an option for specifying a max amount of search results to be returned. Defaults to 10,000.
ADDED: Shipments: Search Options: From and To Date Filters: Adds two date filters for narrowing shipment search results.

FIXED: Shipment Editor: The package template chooser will now correctly select templates created in SalesPad Desktop. (Introduced:

Release Date 11/25/20

ADDED: Setting: UPS Carrier: Display Negotiated Rate Notifications: Marking this 'False' will omit response alert messages from UPS regarding negotiated rates. (Default: True)
ADDED: Security: Shipments: Can Create Shipments: Adds a new security "Can Create Shipments" to control whether the 'New Shipment' button is enabled for a user.
ADDED: Security: Shipments: Can Edit Shipments: Adds a new security "Can Edit Shipments" to control whether the users will be able to edit shipments or open them as read-only.

FIXED: FedEx Carrier: Added missing SmartPost Hub IDs.
FIXED: RestSharp: Users will no longer experience issues related to the RestSharp assembly not loading version 104.4.0.
FIXED: Shipment Editor: Source Document Line: Fixed an issue that occurred while saving a shipment where the source document lines failed to insert because of a NULL source doc ID. (Introduced
FIXED: Shipment Monitor: Open Shipment: Calculating the quantity packed on a shipment will no longer fail to convert null/empty values on a source document line.
FIXED: Shipments: Filtering on the Ship To Address and Ship From Address columns will no longer cause an "Invalid Column Name" error.
FIXED: Shipments: The Ship To Address and Ship From Address columns no longer require the Ship To Address ID and Ship From Address ID columns to be added to the grid to populate data.
FIXED: Shipment Monitor: Resetting a grid layout will now properly reset the row height back to the default size.
FIXED: Shipping Method: When editing shipping methods in GP 2010, an invalid column error will no longer occur.
FIXED: Scripting: Duplicate reference errors will no longer occur when a script is being compiled.
FIXED: Shipments: Attempting to open a shipment without a source document attached will no longer throw an object reference error. (Introduced v1.2.0.29)

Release Date 5/27/20

FIXED: Shipment Editor: UPS label orientation is once again respected when labels are printed. (Introduced:

UPDATED: ShipmentMonitor: Improved error messaging if ShipCenter encounters an issue with mapped shipping methods while generating a shipment.

Release Date 5/4/20

FIXED: Shipment Editor: No longer throws an exception due to a "null" value being inserted into the Source Doc ID key field
FIXED: Shipment Monitor: Scanner Popup: Opening the Shipment Monitor screen will no longer throw an exception if the “Enable Sales Document Scanner Popup” setting is enabled.
FIXED: Shipments: Fed Ex Shipment Dry Ice Detail: Fed Ex Shipments will now correctly include the dry ice weight within its dry ice detail request.
FIXED: Package Editor: Package Editor will now correctly display/load a shipment's sales document kit component items.
FIXED: FedEx: If multiple account rates are given by FedEx, the correct one will now be used.
FIXED: FedEx Address Validation: Correct suite/apartment numbers on the first address line will now be moved to the second address line by address validation.
FIXED: Login: Server login errors/messages will now display properly centered within the dialog window.

Release Date 3/10/20

FIXED: Shipments: Printing: Fixed an issue that caused the 'Print' option to not be available when printing labels/reports for a shipment.
FIXED: Printing: Bill of Lading: Fixed an issue that caused ShipCenter to crash when printing a bill of lading from a shipment.
FIXED: FedEx: If multiple account rates are given by FedEx, the correct one will now be used.

UPDATED: Shipment Editor: When sending an international shipment through UPS, the 'Commodities' (located in the 'Customs' tab of the shipment options) will now have its unit price defaulted to match the unit price of the sales line.
UPDATED: Package Options: Added 'Thick Envelope', 'Large Envelope or Flat', and 'Oversized Package' package types.

FIXED: Shipment Monitor: Selecting a shipping source from the source grid (or the shipping source dropdown) updates the 'Scan Order' popup and shipment grid as expected.

Release Date 1/13/20

FIXED: First Class Mail labels will no longer print with a question mark character.
FIXED: Purolator: Labels are now requested using only the shipment PIN, instead of each individual package PIN.

ADDED: FedEx: Address validation: Addresses will now be marked as residential if it can be determined by the validation.

Release Date 11/8/19

UPDATED: Carrier Card: Printer defaults are now configurable per machine, and per carrier.
UPDATED: The default printer setting now determines what the initial default printer will be on the carrier card, before it is configured for an individual machine.

FIXED: FedEx: If a shipment's Account Option is changed to 'Collect' after the shipping charges have been populated, there will no longer be an error when finishing the shipment.

Release Date 10/31/19

UPDATED: Shipment Monitor now loads documents faster.

FIXED: Packing Items: Items that were packed in DataCollection will now display the correct Quantity Packed.

Release Date 10/7/19

FIXED: FedEx: Domestic Canadian shipments will no longer result in an Invalid Currency error if no Declared Value is entered.

Release Date 8/16/19

FIXED: ShipCenter Service: The Residential Delivery flag now works correctly with the ShipCenter Windows service.

Release Date 7/22/19

FIXED: FedEx: The Residential Delivery flag is now included in rate requests, so Ground Home Delivery rates will now be included in rate shopping results for residential delivery shipments.

Release Date 6/25/19

ADDED: Hotkey Mappings: Hotkeys may now be configured to perform certain tasks in the Shipment Editor screen.

FIXED: Shipment Editor: Reference fields are no longer overwritten by the Source Line Field Mappings when closing the Packing screen.
FIXED: When printing labels for a shipment that failed to save correctly, labels from previous shipments with the same issue will no longer print as well.
FIXED: Shipment Options: When the shipment service is UPS Mail Innovations, the Invoice Line Total field will now be displayed correctly in the customs tab of the shipment options.
FIXED: UPS: For UPS Mail Innovations shipments, leaving the Cost Center reference field blank will no longer cause an error.
FIXED: UPS: Leaving the Ship To or Ship From phone number fields blank will no longer cause an error.

Release Date 5/29/19

FIXED: Integrations: SalesPad Desktop: When the SalesPad Tax Query handler is Thomson Reuters, sales document tax will no longer be cleared after processing a shipment.
FIXED: Purolator: Labels are now retrieved once instead of duplicated for each package in the shipment.
FIXED: Logging out before interacting with a Shipping Source and then logging back in will no longer throw an unhandled exception upon interacting with a Shipping Source.

UPDATED: Shipment Monitor: Source documents with many lines will now load faster. (Introduced:

Release Date 4/17/19

ADDED: return labels can now be processed.

FIXED: Purolator: Multi-package shipments no longer exceed the maximum message size quota.
FIXED: Purolator: ZPL labels are now decoded properly.
FIXED: Finishing a shipment will now correctly save the rates back to the shipment.
FIXED: Shipment Editor: Attempting to create a new shipment while you have another new shipment open for a different source document will now open a new Shipment Editor tab, instead of focusing on the existing tab.
FIXED: UPS Freight: Retrieving rates will no longer result in an object reference error.
FIXED: The Shipment Monitor will now only load documents for the selected Shipping Source.

UPDATED: UPS: Special characters will now be removed from Cost Center and Package ID values before sending the Mail Innovations shipment information to UPS.

Release Date 3/8/19

ADDED: Settings: Scripting: Universal Script - This script allows users to create a set of C# classes and methods that can be accessed from any other ShipCenter script.
ADDED: Scripting: Namespace references can now be added to ShipCenter scripts in the following format: //#REFERENCE(using;)

UPDATED: Purolator: Service references have been updated to V2.
UPDATED: Purolator Setup: The URL field has been replaced with Production/Test radio buttons.

Release Date 2/22/19

ADDED: Settings: FedEx: Use Ground Home Delivery For Residential Destinations - When True, ShipCenter will change the shipping service to Ground Home Delivery if a ground shipment's destination address is marked as residential and all packages are less than 70lbs.

FIXED: FedEx: ShipCenter will no longer automatically switch from Ground to Ground Home Delivery if the destination address is marked as residential and any of the package weights exceed 70 Lbs.

Release Date 2/19/2018

ADDED: FedEx Smart Post now has the Parcel Return indicator option.

FIXED: Source Field Mappings: Account option mapping now works as expected when the incoming value is "Third Party".
FIXED: There will no longer be a SQL error when attempting to open shipments that were created in versions of ShipCenter prior to 1.2.
FIXED: Workflow Forward: SalesPad shipping headers are now saved before attempting to forward the sales document through workflow. This will allow certain workflow plugins to work correctly (i.e., EDI ASN).
FIXED: Shipment Editor: When creating a return shipment, attempting to void the original shipment will no longer throw an optimistic concurrency exception.
FIXED: Login: Valid active user entries will no longer be deleted randomly.

UPDATED: Workflow Forward: Errors from attempting to forward a sales document through workflow will now be displayed.
UPDATED: Label Printing: There will no longer be a warning that the margins are outside the range for non-ZPL image types.

Release Date 1/11/19

ADDED: FedEx: FedEx Ground Collect service is now available.

REMOVED: FedEx: The shipment-level Smart Post Hub setting has been removed. The Smart Post Hub is only set at the carrier level now.

FIXED: FedEx: Smart Post return shipments no longer fail with an invalid indicia error.
FIXED: Shipments: UPS services that are restricted in the UPS Carrier Setup will no longer appear in the Shipment Service list.

UPDATED: FedEx: The Ship From address, instead of the Company address, will now appear on the Shipping label.
UPDATED: Shipment Monitor: The allow over-shipment prompt has been re-worded to make the distinction between a truly fully packed document and a document in which there are no lines to pack.
UPDATED: Shipments: The Company Name and Attention Name fields are now truncated when they are too long for FedEx and UPS carriers.

Release Date 12/21/18

FIXED: FedEx: Rating a shipment where the package dimensions are in a Unit of Measure other than inches will no longer cause an incorrect error when the conversion is not handled correctly while validating.
FIXED: Stamps: Deleting a Customs row will no longer error out.
FIXED: Stamps: Clicking Cancel from the Stamps Package options screen will no longer duplicate existing Customs lines.

Release Date 11/6/18

ADDED: Setting: FedEx: Display "For security purposes..." Alert: Marking this as False will not show the "For security purposes, billing an outside account does not return a rate" alert when finishing a third-party shipment. (Defaults to True)
ADDED: Stamps: The Auto option for the Preferred Image Type is now supported for This will return a PNG file for domestic labels and a PDF file for international labels.
ADDED: Shipment Editor: The Signature option can now be set in the Package options for FedEx shipments.
ADDED: UPS: A separate return address can now be provided for forward shipments using UPS. If specified, this address will appear on the Shipping label, instead of the Ship From address.

REMOVED: Remote Help: The Remote Help button has been removed from the Help menu.

FIXED: Shipment Monitor: The Shipment Monitor will now load correctly when ShipCenter is started from the command line.
FIXED: Sales Document: The correct user will now be used to lock sales documents.
FIXED: Shipment Editor: Clearing a carrier out of the shipment will no longer cause an error.
FIXED: FedEx: Shipments to Puerto Rico and Canada from the US are now properly recognized as international shipments.

UPDATED: FedEx: Commodity Editor: Required fields are now marked with an asterisk and are validated on closing the editor.
UPDATED: FedEx: Commodity Editor: Currency fields now default to US Dollars.
UPDATED: FedEx: Customs Value Editor: Currency can now be selected from a list of valid currencies.
UPDATED: Shipment Editor: When saving the shipment, the Shipping Cost and Tracking Number are now saved to the Shipping header in SalesPad Desktop.
UPDATED: Shipment Editor: Fault errors that come from FedEx while retrieving rates will now be properly displayed.
UPDATED: Shipment Editor: Rates will be retrieved correctly when a package is deleted but the shipment has not been saved yet.
UPDATED: The Shipping Source Address lookup on Ship To addresses now shows additional customer addresses instead of warehouses. Both customer and warehouse addresses are available for return addresses.

Release Date 10/16/18

FIXED: An Incorrect Syntax error will no longer occur when attempting the refresh the Shipment Monitor with documents that do not contain any fulfilled sales lines.
FIXED: Freight is now only recalculated and written back to the source document when that document has shipments that are set to write back.

Release Date 9/27/18

ADDED: Purolator: Carrier Setup: Printer Type - Specifies the type of printer being used to print labels. (Default: Regular)
ADDED: Purolator: Carrier Setup: Default Labels To Print - Allows specific types of labels to be requested from Purolator's Web Services. (Default: Not Specified)

FIXED: FedEx: Users can no longer enter more than the number of address lines allowed by the FedEx API (2) on the Shipping Charges tab of the FedEx Shipment Options screen.
FIXED: Master Number is now set on package details.
FIXED: Attempting to open a shipment where the source sales document is historical will no longer cause an unhandled exception.
FIXED: Packing: The Component Sequence Number is no longer reset when importing and then saving a shipment containing kit components created in SalesPad Desktop.
FIXED: Sales document internal notes are now imported.
FIXED: Saving shipments when the spShippingHeader table doesn't exist but spLicensePlate does no longer causes ShipCenter to consider the shipment as over-packed.
FIXED: FedEx: Printing COD reports will no longer cause a crash if the Default Printing Image Type is something other than PNG.
FIXED: Sales Document Freight values are now recalculated when a shipment is voided or deleted.
FIXED: FedEx Freight: Deleting a row from the Shipment Options > Special Services grid no longer causes an unhandled exception.
FIXED: Users will no longer receive a "Value for enum Type was not found" error when one of a shipment's source sales lines can't be loaded while opening or saving it.

UPDATED: ASN generation was improved in order to prevent conflicts.
UPDATED: Shipment Monitor: Double-clicking an order or using the Scanner pop-up will now open the first pending shipment associated with that order, instead of always creating a new shipment.

Release Date 8/27/18

FIXED: Instead of adding to the existing freight amount, sales document freight is now recalculated after any associated shipment is saved.

UPDATED: Package reference numbers will now appear on labels.

Release Date 8/22/18

ADDED: Shipment Editor: There is now a field on the Shipment Editor that will display the currently selected package's tracking number.
ADDED: Packing: Reset Layout functionality has been added to the shipment tree.

FIXED: Shipments will no longer be written back to SalesPad when saving the shipment fails in ShipCenter.
FIXED: Source Field Mappings: Shipment account number and account option mappings are now applied in the correct order, preventing an issue where the account number could be cleared out if the account option mapping was applied after the account number mapping.
FIXED: Shipping note, shipping audit, and actual ship date no longer write back to the source sales document every time a shipment is saved. Instead, they now only write back when the shipment is finished. (Introduced in
FIXED: Shipment Customer PO is now set from the shipment's source sales document.
FIXED: Packing: Packing top level non-inventory kit items and service items will no longer cause the shipment to be considered over-packed.
FIXED: Shipment Editor: Each line item's Quantity Packed is now updated correctly when deleting a package from the Shipment Editor.
FIXED: When there are multiple Shipping Sources with the same Shipping Methods, ShipCenter will now find the correct shipping method mapping when generating a shipment.
FIXED: FedEx: A FAULT error is no longer produced when attempting to ship a package with two reference numbers and a customer PO specified.

UPDATED: Packing: Kit components can now be packed in separate packages.
UPDATED: When importing packages created in SalesPad/DC, the Shipment Generation script will now be run after the packages have been added to the shipment.
UPDATED: Address lines up to 61 characters (previously 50) can now be saved in the ShipCenter database. This will prevent address save errors when importing addresses from SalesPad.
UPDATED: FedEx: FAULT errors now provide more details about the error.
UPDATED: UPS: Multi-piece return shipments are now allowed.
UPDATED: UPS: Users can no longer enter values in text fields longer than what is allowed by the UPS API.

Release Date 7/27/18

FIXED: Shipment Monitor: Using multiple SalesPad shipping sources will no longer cause errors while loading documents.
FIXED: FedEx: Rating a Recipient Billed shipment will no longer populate the Billing Contact information with the shipper's information.
FIXED: UPS: Package reference numbers are now set correctly when using a source field mapping.
FIXED: FedEx: When processing a shipment with recipient or third party billing, a duplicate label will no longer be saved/printed.
FIXED: Shipment Monitor: Clicking the Refresh button while a refresh is already in progress will no longer duplicate results.

UPDATED: FedEx: When shipping a Recipient Billed shipment, users no longer need to populate the Billing Contact information.

Release Date 7/20/18

FIXED: Stamps: Multi-package shipments will no longer fail with a "Conversation out of sync" error.

UPDATED: SalesPad integration assemblies have been updated to version

Release Date 7/11/18

ADDED: ShippingSource Setup: There is now a setting called 'Allow Over-Shipment'. If a document in the Shipment Monitor has been fully packed and this setting is set to False, an error message will be displayed when attempting to create a new shipment. If it is set to Prompt, the user will be warned and asked if they would like create a new shipment anyway. (Defaults to Prompt)

FIXED: GP Shipping Source: Error messages that result from the system failing to save a source document are no longer empty.

UPDATED: When editing a shipment, its source sales document will now be locked. This will prevent multiple users from attempting to ship from the same document concurrently.
UPDATED: UPS: 4x8 ZPL Label document tabs now include the total shipment amount in addition to the package amount.
UPDATED: SalesPad integration assemblies have been updated to version

Release Date 6/26/18

ADDED: UPS: Carrier Setup: There is now a checkbox to enable or disable importing sales line items as commodities for customs documents. 

FIXED: When ShipCenter can no longer access a shipment's source sales document, sales line information is still available to the shipment.
FIXED: UPS: Attempting to ship a multi-package shipment will no longer fail. (Introduced in
FIXED: The application no longer crashes when opening Application Settings when the Grids group is collapsed.
FIXED: Attempting to rate a shipment again after choosing a carrier/shipment service from the Rate Comparison tab will no longer fail.
FIXED: Shipment Monitor: Attempting to load documents from a GP Shipping Source database that doesn't have any of the License Plate tables/views will no longer fail. (Introduced in
FIXED: Finishing a shipment that was not created from a sales document will no longer fail if the 'Ship Complete' setting is enabled.
FIXED: Packing: Attempting to over-pack a shipment using the 'Send to New Package' button or by dragging the item to create a new package will no longer cause an unhandled exception when closing the packing screen.
FIXED: Return shipments now write back to their source sales document.
FIXED: Packing: Line items from a return document will now be imported correctly.

UPDATED: If changes are made to a shipment while the Rate Comparison tab is open, the Rate Comparison tab no longer needs to be closed and reopened to refresh the rates. Changes made to a shipment are immediately reflected in the Rate Comparison tab.
UPDATED: The Rate Comparison tab now displays either the Shipment ID or (new).
UPDATED: UPS: Commodity Description and Part Number fields are now limited to 35 characters. Imported values will be automatically truncated.
UPDATED: UPS: Invalid Quantum View notification types are now hidden.
UPDATED: Shipment Editor: The Source Doc Num field is now Read Only. This field is only used by ShipCenter when generating a shipment from a sales document.
UPDATED: Shipments created from a return document type will now automatically be set as a return shipment.

Release Date 3/17/18

FIXED: The ShipCenter Shipping calculator plugin for SalesPad Desktop no longer returns the "The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message" error when getting rates from ShipCenter. (Introduced in

ADDED: FedEx: In FedEx Carrier setup, there is a new setting called 'SmartPost Tracking Number' that determines whether SmartPost shipments get a USPS or FedEx tracking number. USPS SmartPost tracking numbers can be used in either FedEx or USPS tracking systems. (Defaults to 'USPS')

Release Date 3/16/18

BREAKING CHANGE: UPS: All UPS related functionality has been updated to be in compliance with the UPS Ready certification. When upgrading, users should create new UPS profiles within ShipCenter.

ADDED: Packing: Users can now select multiple source document lines to add to a package.
ADDED: Packing: There is now a text field where users can enter or scan a serial/lot number or item number and 1 of that item will be added to the selected package.
ADDED: Packing: When a shipment is saved in ShipCenter, packing will be written back to the Shipping Source. Additionally, shipments created in the Shipping Source will be available in ShipCenter.
ADDED: Shipment Monitor: There is now a Shipments grid that will display any shipments associated with the selected sales document, including shipments created in SalesPad or DataCollection. Double-click a shipment to open it.
ADDED: Shipment Monitor: Users can now set an automatic refresh interval.
ADDED: FedEx: In FedEx carrier setup, there is a new setting called 'SmartPost Tracking Number' that determines whether SmartPost shipments get a USPS or FedEx tracking number. USPS SmartPost tracking numbers can be used in either FedEx or USPS tracking systems. (Defaults to 'USPS')

FIXED: FedEx Address Validation: Addresses with apartment or suite numbers will no longer fail validation.

UPDATED: Packing: Line item fulfillment is now respected.
UPDATED: Packing: The Qty on Shipments column has been replaced with a Qty Packed column that will display the quantity packed over the total quantity for that line. When a line has been fully packed, the color of the text will change from red to green.
UPDATED: Packing: Shipping Source Package Templates are now available.
UPDATED: Application: DevExpress has been upgraded to 17.2.6.

Release Date 4/13/18

BREAKING CHANGE: Multiple instances of the ShipCenter Windows service can now be installed on the same machine. Services installed using a previous version should be uninstalled, using that version before upgrading, then reinstalled using the new version. Additionally, the application settings for setting the service host endpoint have been removed. Users can now specify the port they would like the service to listen on while installing each instance of the service.

FIXED: Voiding a shipment that has no associated source document no longer throws an error.
FIXED: The 'Post Shipment Processing Available Reports' setting no longer throws a false positive error message if at least one report is mapped in this setting and no reports are mapped to a shipment's carrier during that shipment's finalization.

UPDATED: Top package lines/exploded kits are no longer imported as shippable items.
UPDATED: Purolator: Additional shipment services are now available.

Release Date 3/16/18

ADDED: Setting: Printed Shipping Labels Per Freight Package - This setting determines how many shipping labels get printed per package when a freight shipment is finished. 

FIXED: The Bare Bones Shipping Label report now prints its labels on separate pages.
FIXED: Shipment Editor: Source Document Line Item Transfer: Shipment lines will no longer be duplicated when modifying a previously saved and re-opened shipment.
FIXED: Shipment Editor: Opening an unprocessed shipment from the Shipments screen and then processing it no longer results in an exception.
FIXED: Shipment Monitor: An "Incorrect Syntax Error" will no longer be encountered when generating a shipment from a Shipping Source database that contains an empty spLicensePlate table.

Release Date 2/26/18

ADDED: Security: Shipment Editor: Pre-Process Script - This is a C# script that is executed when the Finish Shipment button is clicked. The script is run before any shipment processing occurs.
ADDED: Setting: Shipment: Mark Quoted Freight Shipments As Shipped - Marking this as True will cause freight shipments to be set as "Shipped" instead of "Rated" after the shipment has been processed. Defaults to False.
ADDED: Post Shipment Processing Available Reports: The Carrier field now includes an (All) option.
ADDED: AvaTax tax calculations are now supported in ShipCenter.

FIXED: Sales Document Scanner Pop-up: Shipping Source filters are now respected.
FIXED: Shipping Source Editor: Batch selection dropdowns now respect the Doc ID filter.

UPDATED: Post Shipment Processing Available Reports: Report names are now filtered based on selected Report Type.
UPDATED: Source Document Item Transfer: Package groups are now expanded by default.
UPDATED: Bill of Lading Report: Bill of Lading now includes a Quote Number field for freight shipments.
UPDATED: Shipping Source Editor: Shipment Void Batch: Selecting a batch will send a source document to the indicated branch when its associated shipment is voided.
UPDATED: Shipping Source Editor: Remove Tracking On Shipments: This option will remove tracking numbers from the source document when its associated shipment is voided.
UPDATED: Post Shipment Processing Available Reports: The Bare Bones Shipping Label will now print one copy for every package on a shipment, if the report is set up in the shipment. 


FIXED: Purolator: Using the recipient's account number for billing will no longer result in an "Invalid registered shipping account specified in shipment" error message.

UPDATED: XPO: The rate quote confirmation number is now saved.

Release Date 1/29/18

ADDED: ShipCenter can now run as a Windows service, using an HTTP endpoint for communication with other SalesPad applications.
ADDED: There is a new screen accessible from the application menu called Service Manger. This screen is used to un/install and start/stop the new Windows service. It can be enabled and disabled from the Security Editor.
ADDED: Settings: Service Host: Port - This is the port the ShipCenter Service will be configured to listen on. The ShipCenter Service must be restarted for changes to take effect. Defaults to '5501.'
ADDED: Settings: Service Host: Endpoint - This is the endpoint the ShipCenter Service will be configured for. The ShipCenter Service must be restarted for changes to take effect. Defaults to 'ShipCenter.'
ADDED: Settings: Service Host: Host - This is the IP address or host name the ShipCenter Service will be configured for. The ShipCenter Service must be restarted for changes to take effect. Defaults to 'localhost'.
ADDED: Source Document Line Item Transfer: An Item Description column was added to the Source Document Lines grid.
ADDED: Source Document Line Item Transfer: An Item Description column was added to the Shipment Lines grid.
ADDED: Source Document Line Item Transfer: A Package Barcode field was added. If the user leaves the Package Barcode field and a package's barcode is in the field, the package will be added to the Shipment Lines grid.
ADDED: Setting: Automatic Shipment Generation Flow - If set to True, this setting automatically opens the Source Document Line Item Transfer window after generating a shipment.
ADDED: Setting: Barcode Character Limit for Shipments on Source Document Line Items - This setting allows the user to set a number of characters that the Source Document Line Item Transfer's Package Barcode will accept before adding a package with the barcode value to the Shipment Lines grid.
ADDED: When generating a shipment from a sales document that has License Plates (packages) that were created in Data Collection, the License Plates will now also be imported. Tracking numbers will be written back to the License Plates as well as to the sales document. Requires Data Collection

FIXED: Shipping Method Editor: A new Shipping Method will now only be flagged as a duplicate if another Shipping Method exists with the same Shipping Source, Shipping Method, and Location.
FIXED: Shipping Methods: Attempting to delete a Shipping Method under some circumstances will no longer cause the application to crash.

UPDATED: Shipping Method Editor: Required fields are now marked with asterisks and will display a red icon when empty and attempting to save.
UPDATED: Shipping Methods: The Description column has been renamed to Shipping Source.


UPDATED: Purolator: Package weights less than 1 are now rounded up to 1.
UPDATED: Purolator: When rate shopping, there will no longer be error messages for US services when shipping to Canada, and vice versa.
UPDATED: For UPS shipments, Address fields will be truncated automatically, if their length exceeds the maximum allowed by the UPS API.

Release Date 12/8/17

ADDED: Shipment Monitor: Sales Document Scanner Pop-up: This pop-up allows the user to generate a shipment by scanning a sales document barcode.
ADDED: Shipment Editor: NMFC Code Field: If the chosen shipment is a freight shipment, the NMFC Code field will be available for population.
ADDED: Shipment Editor: Sub Code Field: If the chosen shipment is a freight shipment, the Sub Code field will be available for population.
ADDED: Reports: BOL Report: A Bill of Lading report that can be printed for a shipment was added.
ADDED: Settings: Enable Sales Document Scanner Popup - If True, the Sales Document Scanner Pop-up will open upon opening the Shipment Monitor screen.
ADDED: Settings: Post Shipment Processing Available Reports - This setting allows a user to select a set of reports that will print after processing a shipment, if the shipment has a specified carrier.
ADDED: Settings: Sales Document Scanner Character Limit - This setting allows a user to set the number of characters that will be entered before the Sales Document Scanner Pop-up automatically attempts to generate a shipment from the entered document number.


UPDATED: FedEx: Shipments with a residential destination set to use FedEx Ground will automatically be changed to use FedEx Ground Home Delivery.

Release Date 12/1/17

ADDED: Users can now restrict which services are available for each carrier.


ADDED: Settings: Ship From Document Warehouse Address - When set to 'False', the Ship From address on shipments generated from sales documents will come from the carrier's default Ship From address, instead of the document's warehouse address. Company and Attention will always come from the carrier's default Ship From address. Defaults to 'True'.

FIXED: ShipCenter is now compatible with pre versions of the ShipCenter Shipping Calculator plugin for SalesPad Desktop. When using older versions of the ShipCenter Shipping Calculator, the default Ship From address associated with each carrier will always be used.


FIXED: XPO: Updates to the XPO API are now supported.
FIXED: FedEx Freight: Rate comparison no longer fails if the Ship To address country is blank.

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