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Setting Up PreSaved Comments

Pre-saved comments can be set up in Dynamics™ GP and added from a list to sales documents in SalesPad.

To populate the comments list:

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics™ GP
  2. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP button > Tools > Setup > Company > Comments. The Comments Setup dialog box appears
  3. Enter an ID in the Comment ID field
  4. Select Sales from the Series drop-down
  5. Type the comment in the Comment field as you would like it to appear in the list
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat steps three through six to add more comments to the list
  8. Log out and back in to SalesPad

To add a pre-saved comment to a sales document:

  1. Open a sales document in SalesPad
  2. Select the Notes tab
  3. Click Add Comment. The comments list appears, displaying the ID and comment for each comment added in GP
  4. Select the comment you wish to add and click OK

The selected comment will appear in the Cust. Comment column in the Notes tab:

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