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SalesPad Breaking Changes

Breaking Changes
SalesPad 5.2.17

Settings: Address Query Countries To Validate: The NONE value option functionality has changed. (see the corresponding release note for this release)

User fields that were set in the Spell Check Fields setting will need set up from the User Field Editor screen.

The Ignore Upper Case Words setting may get reset.

SalesPad 5.1.3

Case Tracker Entry: Case Tracker Case: Removes the 'Return Order Num', 'Reorder Doc Num', and 'Reorder Doc Type' columns from this business object and table structure, as well as supporting views/procedures. (Extended Module: Case Tracker)

SalesPad 5.1.1

Shipping Review: Viewable Batches sub-security: The dropdown now displays the document type, in addition to the document ID and batch name. When changing this security, any batches selected in a previous build will be wiped out.

SalesPad 5.1.0

Inventory Search Use Proc Override: When this setting is enabled and a custom inventory search procedure is not found, the default loading process will no longer exclude discontinued items with zero onhand quantity by default.

SalesPad 5.0.5

Inventory Adjustments: Allocation: Layouts for the 'Create Serial/Lot' and 'Available to Pick' grids now load and save to the spLayout table instead of a file. Old layouts will not be migrated to the spLayout table due to multiple previous issues with saving layouts for those grids, so layout changes for those grids will have to be recreated.

SalesPad 5.0.4

The SQL user that runs SalesPad database updates, now requires TYPE create permissions.

SalesPad 5.0.2

Shipping Labels: Shipping labels are now retrieved through SPS Commerce's REST-based API instead of the SOAP-based API. Click here for more information on this change. (Extended Module: SalesPadEDI)

Customer On Load Script: The NewQuoteButton, NewOrderButton, NewInvoiceButton, and NewReturnButton parameters have been changed from ToolStripSplitButtons to BarButtonItems. This change could cause some issues with scripts that reference properties on these buttons that are not interchangeable. Please notify Support of any errors as a result of this change and they will be fixed.

EDI Business Object Mapping: Any existing business object mappings for shipping labels (000 and 001) will no longer work. Create a new 000 mapping to replace the old ones. A 001 mapping is no longer needed. (Extended Module: SalesPadEDI)


Case Tracker Reorders: The "Allowed Reorder Doc Types" setting is now a security - located within the Case Tracker Reorders/Returns plugin. (Extended Module: Case Tracker)


Scripts: The enums for 'AssemblySerialLot.Qty_Type', 'InventoryLotNum.Qty_Type', 'ItemMaster.Quantity_Type', and 'SalesLineItem.QuantityType' have been consolidated into 'Enums.QuantityType'. Any existing scripts that use that enum will need to be updated in order to work again after upgrading.


CCH Sales Tax Office: This is no longer in the core product.

CCH Sales Tax Online: This is no longer in the core product.


Automation Agent: Removed the seat requirement for running Automation Agent as a service. (Extended Module: Automation Agent)

Login: SQL server connections will be lost if they are stored on the local machine and switching from x86 to x64 bit SalesPad.


spcpAvataxPostSave: The timing of when this procedure is called was changed slightly, which could have an impact depending on what is being done in the custom procedure.


EDI: Shipping Labels: Users can now receive multiple shipping labels per license plate. Old labels retrieved before upgrading to this build will need to be re-retrieved. (Extended Module: SalesPad EDI)

Email Templates: Referenced Rich Text Memo fields will now keep most formatting. Previously, line breaks were not respected.

PayLink Settings: Renamed 'PayLink Setup Id' to 'PayLink Gateway Account'.


Security: Import Manager - The 'Table Item Options Allowed' (Introduced: was replaced with 'Can Clear Import Table'.


Sales Line Item: The Focused Line Item Inventory grid will no longer attempt to load a local file version if there is no layout saved in the database.


Settings: Enable Item Suggestions - This setting now applies to Inventory Lookup and Sales Document Inventory Lookup. Previously, it was always enabled for these two screens, but now the setting is required to be enabled.


AutomationAgent: A security was added to the AutomationAgent Service form. (Extended Module)


Search Screens: Registry values will be reset and are now saved in screen-specific folders in the registry.

Search Screens: Sub-securities may have been reset for some search screens.

Search Screens: The Export To Excel and Print with Preview options on grids' orange triangle menu is now driven by security and disabled by default.

Search Screens: There is no longer a 'Prior Months' field. This is driven by a security which limits the month date range limit for the new date range fields (when applicable).

Application: .NET 4.7.2 is now required. This will be installed during the application installation if it is not already installed. Please refer to Microsoft .NET framework system requirements for OS limitations.


Sales Document Entry: When security to allow saving Historical/Voided documents is enabled, the 'Queue Access' security and the WorkFlow Readonly flag are no longer respected. UDFs will be editable regardless of what queue they are in.


Shipments: Package Weights now include the Package Template Weight by default.


Application: New Versions of SalesPad Desktop will no longer work with older versions of Address Validation dlls, and vice versa.


Send Email Layouts: Any layout customization may be reset.


License Plate Forms: These forms have been renamed using the word "packaging" instead of "license plating". The affected securities have been reset.


Application: SalesPad no longer supports SQL Server versions older than 2008.

Licensing: The Avatax and PayFabric modules now require licenses.

Packages: The SQL tables that stored package data have moved from spPackage to spLicensePlate. This was done to allow compatibility between different applications. To port over any existing packages, run the conversion tool located on the License Plate Maintenance screen.

Packages: The sub-securities for this form have been renamed and will need to be set up again.

Settings: The following settings have moved from the EDI module to core: 'SSCC GS Company Prefix', 'SSCC Starting Serial Value', 'Default Packing Medium', 'Default Packing Material', and 'Add Unfulfilled Lines to Package'.

Application: Once upgraded to, users will not be able to downgrade SalesPad back to an older version. This is related to the DevExpress upgrade.


EDI Business Object Mappings: Mappings have been updated to require fewer core mappings, allowing more fields to be modified. To get the updated mappings, enable the 'Can Update Mappings' security under EDI Business Object Mapping Transactions. Then go into the Business Object Mapping screen and select the Update All Mappings button. (Extended Module)


spcpGetEquipmentSearch: Any custom Equipment Search procedures will need to be updated because of some recent changes to the parameters. Please contact Support if you have any issues.


Quick Reports: Editing a quick report now requires the 'Quick Report Editor' security to be enabled.

Quick Reports: The Create Call List button will now be visible when the 'Enable Create Call List' security for quick reports is enabled, and the quick report contains any columns with the following names: "custnmbr", "Customer", "Customer_Num", "Customer_Number".

Quick Reports: The ability to export to Excel on database quick reports now depends on the 'Can Export Grid' security for quick reports.


Customer Audit: Audit logs are displayed in one entry for each save.


Advanced Search: The Advanced Customer and Advanced Sales Document search screens were removed. They were marked as BETA. The normal searches have been improved using the Only Load Visible Columns functionality.

Quick Load Grids: The Quick Load Grids on the Customer Address tab, Customer overview, and Fulfillment plugin were removed or replaced with Only Load Visible columns functionality. This was done to help improve performance.


Sales Document Search: By default, the 'Only Visible Columns' security is enabled, and adding new columns to the grid will not populate data until the screen is refreshed. This change was made to help improve the speed of this screen and to allow for a larger search base.


In order for Item Restrictions to work, users will need to go into Item Restrictions and re-save the restrictions.

Layouts: Layouts that used to be saved locally will no longer load. Before upgrading, users should re-save layouts and/or verify that they are saved into the spLayout table. Most likely this will only be a problem if upgrading from a 4.0 or newer build, or layouts have not been re-saved after other upgrades.

Sales Document Properties: Some saved layouts may need minor adjustments if they relied on the grey area between the splitter and the fields.

The Sales Line Item lookup will now show restricted items, but the items will not be allowed to be added to the sales document.


Card Knox: The 'Card Knox Credit Card Type Mappings' setting may need to be set up again, if changed from the default values.


Purchasing Advisor: The results will, by default, now only show the warehouse for the system user's default warehouse.

Purchasing Advisor: The setup for Buyer ID's or Last Vendor Used fields now require spcp's. This functionality was causing slow-downs during searching and is not enabled by default.


Sales Document Resources: Resources from all related documents will no longer be visible on a sales document. Going forward, we will be creating new links to any transferable resource as sales documents are split or transferred.


Customer Search: By default, the Only Visible Columns security is enabled, and adding new columns to the grid will not populate data until the screen is refreshed. This change was made to help improve the speed of this screen, and to allow for a larger search base.


Security: Interactions: Can Delete Interactions. This security is now split into two different securities.


Sales Document Line Item: Pre-Delete scripts now use a List<SalesLineItem> type for the dataRowsToDelete parameter. Any pre-existing scripts will need to be updated to reflect this change.


Opportunity Card: The Opportunity Amount field was replace with the Misc Charge field. This will break scripts using the Opportunity amount and also remove it from the layout. (Introduced:


Outlook Add-in: New required procedure added in Desktop affects GPOA version will need sppEmailAudit from support.


Sales Line Items: Changes to an item's Unit Cost on non-functional currency documents are now reflected in the originating currency. Previously, changing the cost was reflected in functional currency and the originating value was calculated upon saving.


Sales Document: The Auto Calc Freight field is no longer on the Sales Document business object. Any scripts that rely on this field should be converted over to use a UDF.


Settings: 'Can Create Customer Address' - This setting has been removed and moved to security.

Settings: 'Can Create Vendor Address' - This setting has been removed and moved to security.


Security: "New Customer Item Number" was renamed to "Customer Item Maintenance".


Security: 'Vendor Item History' - This security will need to be re-enabled for each security group.


Dashboards - DevExpress no longer allows for certain SQL key words in custom queries (ex: UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER, CREATE, etc.). (This breaking change is no longer an issue as of


Sales Document Entry: Separate fulfillment documents will no longer allow the user to reduce the quantity fulfilled for Lot/Serial/Bin tracked items. Fulfillment for these item types is specifically picked and need to be manually removed via the 'Fulfillment' plugin. The line quantity can then be reduced. The setting 'Quantity Decrease will Decrease Fulfillment' can be turned on to allow this functionality to work similar to Auto Fulfillment Documents.

'Inventory Transaction Report' has been renamed for each respective Inventory Transaction Type.


Sales Document Get Tax: The plugin was previously called 'Get Tax' and is now called 'Sales Document Get Tax'. All security for this plugin will require being re-enabled.


Layout Tab: Renamed to Layout Maintenance, security will be lost for the layout tab screen.


Settings: Removed setting 'Convert to BOM Suffix'. Converting sales line items to a BOM will default the new item number to a blank value.


Opportunity: Move the CRM Setting for choosing the Sales Doc ID for Opportunity to Quote conversion over to a Security option under the Convert Opportunity to Quote Plugin.

Prospect: Move the CRM Setting for choosing the Sales Doc ID for Opportunity to Quote conversion over to a Security option under the Convert Opportunity to Quote Plugin.


Customer Sales Graph: When using an spcpCustomerSummary, the GM_Pct return fields will need to be changed to Margin. Otherwise, you will get this error: Column 'Margin' does not belong to table.


Vendor CRM: Tab was renamed to Vendor VRM. Security will need to be redone. SalesPad

Sales Line Tracking Numbers: This form was removed from SalesPad core.


Quick Load Grids: Existing layouts will need set-up again or migrated from the TEMP folder to %APPDATA%\SalesPad, LLC\SalesPad\SalesPad Grid Layouts.

Updating to this build will require new licenses to be retrieved from the license server. This action should happen automatically.


Customer Card: The shortcut for creating a new Invoice changed from Alt+I to Alt+V. Customer Card: The shortcut for creating a new Return changed from Alt+R to Alt+T. SalesPad 4.3

Sales Document Line Comment: Button to edit the comment removed. User can access this functionality by double-clicking the comment field.

SalesPad Connection: New encrypted connections cannot be read by previous versions of SalesPad. Cash Receipt Application: This form has been merged with the Cash Receipts form.

SalesPad sppSalesMonitor

sppSalesMonitor: Parameters (docid, doctypeEnum, Customer, Sales_Doc_Num, Customer_PO_Num, Sales_Person_ID, Warehouse_Code, Hold) are now optional and are only used in an spcpSalesMonitor. Any spcpSalesMonitor procedures will need to be updated. sppSalesMonitor_Modified has been updated so it can be changed to get User Defined Fields more easily.

SalesPad 4.2.2

Printing SalesPad 4.2.2

Added a new security setting, Report Printing. This setting now functions as the base printing security, and it must be enabled for any printing to be allowed. The Print To dialog no longer has the Find Printer functionality.

Invoicing: Back Ordered Doc ID

If a user has a Doc ID that does not have a back-ordered Doc ID set, the Setting Shortage Option For No Back Order Doc ID needs to be set to either Sell Balance or Override Shortage. If set to Not Set, then Invoicing in Sales Batch Processing will not work.

Vendor Note Security

The Vendor Note security setting Allow Free Form Edits has been replaced by Can Edit Entire Note.

Customer Note Security

The Customer Note security setting “Allow Free Form Edits” has been replaced by “Can Edit Entire Note.” SalesPad

Blind Ship

  • The “Blind Ship” field has been removed from the Sales Document Entry header. Now, when using Blind Ship, you must use the User Defined Field that is linked from the “Blind Ship Field Setting.”
  • The Customer Card security setting “Allow Free Form Edits” has been replaced by “Can Edit Entire Note.”
  • The Vendor Card security setting “Allow Free Form Edits” has been replaced by “Can Edit Entire Note.” SalesPad 4.2

.NET Framework 4.5

SalesPad 4.2 now requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. .NET 4.5 is not supported in Windows XP. 

Sales Document Pre-Save Script

The Sales Document pre-save script now runs on all Sales Document plugins that require a save. These plugins include:

  • Blanket Order Release
  • Sales Document Payment + Payment Link
  • Aggregate Pricing
  • Catalog Item Conversion
  • Document Shipping Weight
  • Kit Exploder
  • Sales Fulfillment

Quick Reports

For Quick Reports tied to a DevExpress printed form, Field Mapping needs to be redone when making changes to the report.


SalesPad 4.2 introduces the following Receiving changes:

  • The PurchaseReceipt business object has been renamed to ReceiptTransaction.
  • The PurchaseReceiptLineItem business object has been renamed to ReceiptTransactionLineItem.

Receiving Screen

If the Receiving screen layout displays as a pivot grid layout, you will need to click Restore Default Layout to reset and fix it.

SalesPad 4.1.3.xx

Do not allow older versions, starting at 4.1.3, to log into the database without installing the current version for the database. There is a Setting: Current Version Link, which will now popup a link when a user attempts to log in with an older version ( or later).

Removed CardControl Setting: Can Capture Less Than Auth. SalesPad 4.1.2.xx

Recurring Sales Generator has an additional security setting that needs to be turned on.

Sales Monitor stored procedure does not show values for all of the columns. This was done to gain speed improvements. This change can be undone by modifying the included sppSalesMonitor_Modified and renaming it to spcpSalesMonitor.

New Report Manager and opening documents using Import.

Upgrade from to 4.1.1.* resets some settings. Running this script will fix the upgrade process.


Starting from this version, Additions requires CardControl 1.0.4 or newer.

CardControl 1.0.4

Starting from this version, CardControl requires SalesPad or newer.

Starting from this version, CardControl requires Additions or newer.

CardControl 1.0.3

Starting from this version, CardControl requires SalesPad or newer.

Upgrading from GP2010 SP1 to SP2-SP3

Put any modified eConnect stored procedures back on the system.

Run the following: exec sppRefreshViews (it will rebuild the views, which is important for Sales Monitor to work properly).

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