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RMA Search


RMA Search is used to search for open and historical RMA Documents. A blank search can be used to return all RMA Documents or various search fields along the top can be used to filter down the returned documents. In this document you will learn where to find RMA Search as well as how to use the search function. Any relevant securities or settings will be stated at the end of the document.

Note: In versions beyond, Returns Management is a part of the core installation of SalesPad. In versions before that, the RMA Search module requires the Returns Management .dll file. If you would like to obtain this file, please contact your Sales Rep. 

RMA Search

The RMA Search can be accessed from the Returns Management Ribbon or from the Returns Management folder in the modules dropdown.

Enter text in the desired fields then press the Search button to populate the grid with search results. If you leave the fields blank and press the Search button, it will return all documents. After the grid has been populated with search results, you can click the RMA Number to bring up the RMA Entry form for that RMA. You can also create a new RMA directly from the search screen by clicking the New button along the top.

Security and Settings

RMA Search – Allows users to see and use the RMA search module

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