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Report Printing


Report Printing is a function in SalesPad Desktop that allows you to print from a sales document. In this document you will learn how to enable this security and use the Print button in the Sales Document window. Any relevant settings and securities will be noted at the end of the document.


To use Report Printing, open up a sales document in SalesPad Desktop. When in the document, the Print button will be in the toolbar along the top of the Sales Document.

When you press the button, the Print Document window will pop up.

Here you can select the reports you want to use by checking the box in the Available Reports list. You can press the Select All button to select all of the reports available to print. There is also a Select None button that will deselect all available reports.

There are also a few checkboxes under Print Options that will allow users to select how they want the reports to print. Collate will make each report print in its entirety before moving on to the next report. Close after Print will close the Sales Document after you have printed it. Print as Single Job will allow you to run multiple reports as a single job for a selected printer and Email as Single Job will allow you to send multiple reports in a single email. Prevent Changes blocks the user from editing the chosen Printer and number of copies for a report. Mark Default Reports will select all of the base SalesPad reports.

The Properties button is available when the Admin Mode sub-security for the Report Printing security is set to True. It will allow you to view a report’s properties, as well as copy or design the report from the Sales Document.

Along the bottom of the window, there are buttons to Fax, Email, Preview, and Print. Print To will allows users to select which printer to send to before printing, while Quick Print will print to the default printer. For more information on the Printed Reports, refer to the Reports documentation.

Security and Application Settings

Report Printing* - Allows users to use the print button on the Sales Document

Report Properties – Allows users to see and use the Report Properties window in the report printing screen

Note: Securities with an asterisk (such as Report Printing) have sub-securities that are listed in the middle section of the Security field. Sub-security descriptions appear in the bottom section of the field. Review and customize these as desired.

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