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PreSave Script to Open Cash Drawer

The following pre-save script will pop open a cash drawer when a document with a payment on it is saved. This example script was written to support an APG 100-series single cash drawer and can be customized with additional conditions for when the drawer should be opened.

Note: This script was updated on 5/25/2017

if (sd.val_Sales_Doc_ID == "WALK-IN" && sd.val_On_Account < sd.val_Total)
    foreach (Bus.SalesDocumentPayment p in sd.Payments)
        short paymentType = p.val_Payment_Type;
        // Cash Deposit, Check Deposit, Cash Payment, Check Payment
        if (paymentType == 1 || paymentType == 2 || paymentType == 4 || paymentType == 5)
                System.Reflection.Assembly a =
                System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom(String.Format("{0}\\554QFNET11.dll", Apollo.Controller.StartupPath));
                Type t2 = a.GetType("APGCashDrawer.APG554QFNET11"); object drawer = System.Activator.CreateInstance(t2); System.Reflection.MethodInfo mi = t2.GetMethod("OpenDrawer");
                int result = Convert.ToInt32(mi.Invoke(drawer, new Object[] { })); if (result != 1)
                    string str = "Communication error [USB554]: OpenDrawer";
            catch (Exception ex)

An additional DLL is required and can be downloaded here:

Note: These drivers are provided by a third party and are not something that SalesPad controls

Important Reminders and Suggestions:

  • This script is considered "as is" and any changes/modifications that might be needed would require a signed quote.
  • If you are required to change a Security Option or Setting, your users will need to restart SalesPad before the changes take effect.
  • Please install this on a test machine and run it against a test database before using it on your live system.
  • You should always make sure you have a database backup prior to installing new software.
  • Database Triggers, after final delivery, are the responsibility of the dealer/customer. SalesPad will not be responsible for maintaining copies of custom database objects.
  • C# scripts, after final delivery, are the responsibility of the dealer/customer.
  • This script will not work in a terminal server environment.
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