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Not Supported or Handled by SalesPad

Not Supported/Handled by SalesPad
  • Allocation method of “None” or “Document/Batch”.
    • Found in “Allocate by” field on Doc ID creation in GP SOP Setup.
    • We do have customers who successfully use Document/Batch, but this allocation method is not functional in all situations and may require advanced setup.
  • Backorder and Fulfillment SOP Types in GP.
    • SalesPad does not use them.
  • Databases using Binary Sort Order.
    • Sorts and compares data in SQL server tables based on the bit patterns defined for each character. Binary Sort Order is case-sensitive and accent sensitive.
  • CardControl does not support integrations with Azox or Nodus credit card processors.
  • GP Extender fields.
  • GP Quantity types doing Returns, Transfers, etc.
    • GP allows you to set quantity types like “Returned”, “In Service”, “Damaged”, “On Hand”, etc. SalesPad does not use these.
  • If partially invoicing within GP, the remaining order cannot be edited within SalesPad.
    • You can invoice from SalesPad and edit both order & invoice.
  • Landed Cost.
    • SalesPad does not allow viewing or editing.
  • Prospects within GP.
    • SalesPad as a CRM does NOT use GP’s prospect tables.
  • Quantity shortage handling not supported: Cancel All, Cancel Balance, Backorder All, Sell Balance, or Distribute.
    • This setting is found on the SOP setup screen in GP. SalesPad works great with “Override Shortage” or “Back order Balance”
      • Override Shortage does not work on items that are serialized, lot tracked, or multi-bin.

  • Payment term discounts are not handled within SalesPad Desktop, these must be done in GP.
  • SalesPad does not have any POSTING functionality. All posting must be done within GP.
  • Splitting Documents with Payments & Tax.
    • Splitting with a cash/check payment or manual credit card payment and tax. While it will split the document, the payment will be split based off the document total and tax prior to the split. For example, you will end up with the .1 document having an over payment and the .2 document having an under payment, with the over payment being equal to the tax amount on the .2 document
  • The creation of Blanket Purchase Orders.
    • They can be viewed in SalesPad
  • Transferring backordered items to the invoice when transferring within SalesPad.
    • SalesPad only allows fulfilled lines to transfer to an invoice.
  • Windows XP is no longer supported as of SalesPad 4.2.
    • This is due to .Net Framework 4.5 not being supported by Microsoft for Windows XP.
  • SalesPad does not support separate fulfillment of Kits.

  • SalesPad Desktop does not support purchasing distributions for GP Manufacturing Standard Costing in Receiving.

  • SalesPad Desktop does not support Microsoft GP's Purchase Order Workflow.

  • SalesPad Desktop does not support the PSTL (Professional Services Tools Library).

  • SalesPad Desktop does not support changing font sizes, zoom, or scaling in Windows.

  • SalesPad Desktop does not support pre-payments on Purchase Orders.

  • Vertex Sales Tax Calculations

  • Credit Card processing from the Credit Card tab in the Payment Window

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