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Manufacturing Component Transaction Entry


This document details the setup and use of the Manufacturing Component Transaction Entry screen that has been added to DataCollection’s mobile client. The screen is capable of processing 4 transaction types, Issue, Reverse Issue, Scrap and Reverse Scrap. All transaction created with this screen must still be posted from within Dynamics GP to be finalized.

Settings, Security & Setup

There are 3 settings associated with the Mfg Transaction screen.

MFG Transaction Entry Fields To Clear – A list of fields on the screen that will be cleared when the Clear button is pressed and when a valid Pick Document Line has been submitted. Defaults to Item, Serial/Lot, Qty/UOfM, Bin, FromSite, ToSite, OrigPick.

MFG Transaction Entry Field Sequence – An ordered list of strings that are used to rearrange the fields on the Mfg Transaction screen on the mobile device. Defaults to TrxType, MO#, Item, Bin, Serial/Lot, FromSite, ToSite, Qty/UOfM, OrigPick.

MO Statuses For Which Picking Is Allowed – A list of MO Statuses for which component transactions are allowed. Defaults to Partially Received, Complete, Released.

Additionally, the setting Data Collection Mobile Menu Order can be edited to include the value Mfg Transaction Entry in the appropriate order desired.



As with all mobile device screens, the security setting Mobile Manufacturing Component Transaction Entry must be enabled for the security group in order for the screen to be available to the appropriate users.


To begin entering a component transaction, you must create a Manufacturing Order with Dynamics GP and set the status to one of the allowed statuses based on the setting described earlier. Once an order is ready, navigate on the mobile device to the Mfg Trx Entry button. It may be located on another page if you have more than 10 modules installed and don’t set the Menu Order setting.

You will see the following screen appear. A valid Manufacturing Order number must be supplied in order to continue to enter a transaction.

Note: If multi-bin is not enabled on the company, the Bin field will not show.

Currently, the only supported transactions are Issue, Reverse Issue, Scrap, and Reverse Scrap.


Fill in all the information for the transaction you’re attempting to create and click Submit. Each submission creates a line on the current transaction document, creating a new document if necessary, as long as the screen remains active and the transaction type is not changed.

Alternatively to scanning, each of the labels that are highlighted blue and underlined are lookups for the corresponding field and will show the available documents/items/locations that you can choose from. Below is the lookup for items available to Issue for the current manufacturing order.

When creating a Reverse Issue, Scrap or Reverse Scrap, you must supply the original document number for that transaction to reference. You will see the additional field appear at the bottom of the screen for these transactions.

At present this field can only be changed using the Item label lookup (left) or the Orig Pk# label lookup (right). Notice the second screen has filtered to the chosen item.


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