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Import Option Settings Threshold


In Ship To, the Threshold for Signature Required setting in Import Options makes it possible for you to specify the minimum value for which a signature is required on delivery. This allows you to use the signature required delivery confirmation option if the order is over the specified total.

Another setting in Import Options, “Use Delivery Confirmation Options,” can be used to specify whether package delivery confirmation options are available through UPS World Ship.


Go to the Ship To Settings Module and Filter to Import Options.

You will see the Threshold for signature required setting, where you can manually enter the number you desire as the minimum value (ex. 200 ). If left blank, then no signature is required. The setting defaults to ''.

To enable the Use delivery confirmation options setting, set it to True.

Use delivery confirmation options

When enabled, the Use delivery confirmation options automatically specifies whether delivery confirmation options (No Signature Required, Signature Required, Adult Signature Required) are available in UPS World Ship.

Threshold for signature required

If the minimum value is set at $ 200 and you open a document with a total greater than $ 200, Signature Required is automatically set in the Package Delivery Confirmation window in UPS World Ship. Otherwise, it defaults to No Signature Required.

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