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FedEx Freight Shipment Options


This document lists and describes the tabs for the FedEx Freight Shipment Options feature in SalesPad ShipCenter.

General Tab

FedEx Account Number – This is the account number that will pay for the shipment; defaults to the shipper’s Account setup in Carrier setup.

Role – Specifies who is paying for the shipment (i.e. Shipper or Consignee); defaults to Shipper.

Collect Terms Type – Specifies how the shipment will be paid for; defaults to Standard.

Declared Value Units – Specifies value of the units.

Coupons – This is where the user can enter coupon codes from FedEx for discounts, if they have them (one coupon per line).

Client Discount Percent (Numeric) – A percentage discount will be applied to the rate.

Comment – This is a free-form notes field.

Hazardous Materials Offeror – Text name of emergency contact for hazardous material.

Shipping Charges Tab

Note: Info will be defaulted from company information setup on Carrier company tab

Person Name – Name of the individual who is paying for the shipment.

Company Name – Name of the business paying for the shipment.

Phone Number – Number of who is paying for the shipment.

Pager Number – Number of who is paying for the shipment.

Fax Number – Number of who is paying for the shipment.

Email – Email of who is paying for the shipment.

Street Lines – Address of who is paying for the shipment; address lines are separated by line.

City – City of who is paying for the shipment.

Postal Code – Code of who is paying for the shipment.

Country Code – Code of who is paying for the shipment.

Shipping Options Tab

Dropoff Type – Specifies how the shipment will be picked up.

Recipient Location Number – A place to enter notes for customer.

Delivery Instructions – A place for added instructions for delivery.

Liability Tab

Coverage Type – Insurance coverage type (i.e. New or Used)

Amount (Numeric) – Shows how much coverage you need on the shipment.

Pallet Weight Tab

Units – Lb or kg.

Value (Numeric) – Weight of the pallet.

Pick Up Details Tab

Ready Date Time – mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Latest Pick Up Date Time – mm/dd/yyyy

Courier Instruction – Text notes to the delivery person.

Request Type – Future or same-day for notification of delivery.

Request Source – Automation or customer service for notification of delivery.

Freight Guarantee Tab

Type – Morning or evening

Date – mm/dd/yyyy

Special Service Tab

Special Service – Click New and you will be able to choose from a dropdown of special services (i.e. Don’t Break Down Pallets).

Payment Type – Specifies which party is responsible for the payment of the special services.

Package Options

Packaging – Allows you to specify what type of package the item is (i.e. Skid, Pallet); defaults on rate request to Pallet if no type is selected.

Description – Text description of what the item is.

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