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Fascor Lock Status


The FASCOR Lock Status is a sales document plugin that allows users using FASCOR, a third party warehouse management system for Microsoft Dynamics GP, to view the current lock status and move unlocked documents to a specified workflow queue.


On a sales document, click the Actions dropdown () on the sales document header. In the list, the lock status will display in the list as FASCOR LOCKED or FASCOR UNLOCK. If the status is UNLOCK, the document is available to move back to the Unlock Queue specified in security. To move the document to the specified queue, select FASCOR UNLOCK. If the status is LOCKED, the document cannot be moved.

Note: If FASCOR is not installed, but the Fascor Lock Status security setting is enabled, the message FASCOR Not loaded will appear in the Actions dropdown.


FASCOR Lock Status* - Enables the Lock status in the Actions Dropdown

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