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Documentation Hyperlinks


In an effort to make help functions and documentation more readily available in Sales Pad, documentation hyperlinks have been added to the right- click menu for the main forms that launch the user documentation portal on the Sales Pad website ( Using this functionality, you can easily be linked to documentation from within any Sales Pad module.

Example: Sales Monitor

To see an example of how documentation hyperlinks work in SalesPad, open the Sales Monitor module in Sales Pad. Click on Sales Monitor, then right-click to display the dropdown menu. In this menu, hovering over the Links item displays the Sales Documentation hyperlink.

Clicking on this hyperlink takes you directly to the main documentation page on You can use the search field at the upper right of this page to find the documentation you’re looking for.

Using the same right-click menu, you can also launch the Help Guide for the Sales Pad module you are in. In the example below, the hyperlink would take you to the Sales Monitor Help Guide.

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