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DataCollection ZPL Label Maintenance


ZPL Label Maintenance allows users to create and edit labels using Zebra Programming Language. Zebra is a language that is used to communicate with Zebra label printers. In this document, you will learn how to Add, Edit, and Delete a ZPL Label. Any relevant application and security settings will be listed at the end of the document.


To open ZPL Label Maintenance, open up the modules dropdown at the top left of the window, and then select ZPL Label Maintenance under Printing.

Adding a Label

To add a label, click on the New button at the top of the module.

This will open the Create New ZPL Label window. Name the label as you would like. The ZPL Label Type currently only allows for Item Labels, so that will be the only value you see there. The ZPL Code text box allows you to input the ZPL Code that you have designed for this particular label. The Fields column on the left will add the field that you double click to the ZPL Code.

Once you have finished designing the code for the label, click the OK button to create and save the label.

Deleting a Label

To delete a label, select it from the Labels list, then click Delete. A confirmation window will pop up. Click Yes to confirm.

Editing a Label

To edit a label, select it from the Labels list and click the Edit button. This will open up the Edit ZPL Label window. The Label Name and ZPL Label Type fields will be read only, but you can edit the ZPL Code text box as necessary.

Once you have finished editing the code for the label, click the OK button to save your changes.

Redraw and Refresh

The Refresh and Redraw buttons have similar functions to one another. Refresh reloads both the Labels list and the Label Preview, while the Redraw button reloads just the Label Preview. The Redraw button can be used to populate the label preview with data from the fields in the Preview Setup pane.

Security and Application Settings

ZPL Label Maintenance* – Allows users to see and use the ZPL Label Maintenance Module within DataCollection.

Note: Securities with an asterisk (such as ZPL Label Maintenance) have sub-securities that are listed in the middle section of the Security field. Sub-security descriptions appear in the bottom section of the field. Review and customize these as desired.

Application Settings

Custom ZPL Label Size – Allows users to create a custom label size for use in ZPL Label Maintenance.

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  1. Brandon Rosenberg

    Also of note, the variable "[Print Quantity] " doesn't add visible info, but is necessary if you ever want to print more than one label at a time.

  2. Brandon Rosenberg

    Something I thought would be useful to note here, is the language being used for this is "ZPL". A guide to writing ZPL is available here: