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Customer Default Item Reps


The Customer Default Item Reps tab allows you to assign a item specific Sales Representatives for an individual Customer when an Item Number or Item Class is placed on a Sales Document.

Adding a Definition
  1. Go to Customer Search
  2. Pull up a Customer
  3. Click on Default Item Reps on the post specific tabs
  4. Click Add Definition
  5. Add an Item Number or Item Class

    Only an Item Number or an Item Class can be assigned to a Sales Representative. Both cannot be specified per Sales Representative.
  6. Add a Sales Representative

Putting on an Order
  1. Click the Order button near the top of the Customer Tab
  2. Go to Line Items when the order opens
  3. Click New
  4. Add in your Item Number or Item Class and you will be able to see your Sales Representative
    : Make sure you have the Sales Representative column in the grid. If not follow these steps:
    1. Right-click and select Column/Band Chooser
    2. Click Sales Person ID
    3. Drag into the grid
Security and Settings

Customer Default Item Reps - Allows users to access the Customer Default Item Reps tab on the Customer Card


Default Line Item Rep By Item Number - Controls how line item sales reps are default in sales entry.

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