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Creating a New Customer


New customers can be created in SalesPad through the New Customer screen, accessed from the Customer Search module. (Customer Search > New).


From the Customer Search Screen, click New

In the New Customer Window, add all desired customer information and click OK.

If security is configured (under the New Customer security setting – refer to the SalesPad Security Settings article for more information), the Customer ID can be automatically assigned and certain options can be set by default.

: When a class is initially set on a customer card, the associated class defaults will be set in GP. Future changes made to a customer class in SalesPad will NOT override the existing customer class settings in GP.

The customer’s contact information will be visible in the Contact Addresses tab of the customer card:

To add additional contacts on the same Customer Card, click New on the Contact Addresses tab.

Note: SalesPad can auto-create the customer ID and customer number when a new customer is created (Dynamics GP cannot auto-assign new customer numbers). To enable this, set the sub-setting Auto Assign Customer ID to True. The auto number value will be pulled from User Defined 2 in the Dynamics GP Company Card:


Customer Search > Can Create Customers - Allows a user to create a new customer. Defaults to 'False'.

New Customer - Grants access to the New Customer screen from the Customer Search module.

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